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Posted by on Mar 27, 2011 in Blogging, Featured, Humour | 3 comments

Spam Comment of the Week

Of all of the plugins we use here at The BlaBla Blog, perhaps the most useful and effective is the Akismet anti comment spam tool. By and large, it works flawlessly, automatically identifying spam comments and removing them without any need for us to worry about them.

[pullquote]Akismet has protected your site from 14,301 spam comments already. There are 2 comments in your spam queue right now.[/pullquote]There are odd occasions though where even Akismet can’t figure out some of the garbage that spammers try to get past it. When that happens, the plugin places these “query comments” in a spam queue for one of BlaBla’s human administrators to have a look at. It’s the comments that land up in this queue that often produce classics of stream-of-consciousness style poetry.

Here’s this weeks’ attempt that caught our eye:

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Posted by “model shop games” it contained links to a online games store and to a site pushing rapid weight loss programmes. Thanks for the chuckle model shop games, you spammy douche bag you!


  1. “Have a fastidious heyday!” Hell yeah!

  2. That comment confused my already tired brain…lol. :-

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