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Posted by on Feb 20, 2010 in Greg, Joburg | 9 comments

Sowetan Tourism Entrepreneurs: YOU Make Joburg Great!

Spent a really good 3 days this past week in Soweto facilitating skills development workshops for a group of tourism operators and entrepreneurs.

The workshops are part of the Tourism Enterprise Partnerships’ development programme, and were hosted at the Soweto Tourism Information Centre which also functions as an office of the Johannesburg Tourism Company.

While I was there I took the opportunity to introduce the participants to the You Make Joburg Great! campaign and thanks to the delivery of stickers and boards that I got from Voted a few days earlier, I was able to give them all a YMJG sticker or two to take with them.

Here they are during one of the breaks in our programme:

IMG_4733 IMG_4756

I also managed to get one of the centres’ reception monitors tagged for all future visitors to see as well:

IMG_4754So now it’s official – Soweto, YOU Make Joburg Great!


  1. Dude, had dinner with the YMJG sticker provider last night. She tells me the guy heading the campaign has been poached by another agency, they are looking for a new brand ambassador………….it's not official yet Ithink. The campaign will continue.

    • Good to hear that the campaign continues regardless of who is heading it – would hate to think that all the effort put into it so far by all concerned will be wasted. It's definitely something that we (as in BlaBla) want to continue to be associated with.

      • I sent a email to Darrin from YMJG with a link to this post so he can see the fruits of his work!

    • I got an email from Darrin at YMJG, regarding this post/comment. Read below.

      All looks very cool!!

      Very cool blog, so cool that its reaching everywhere!!!!

      I was just reading the comments, Just wanted to clear a few things up, The Guy heading up the campaign is still here, another member of the team has left, but was not poached by another company, and I am the brand ambassador, and I am still her(e), so not looking for another one. Just wanted to clear it up before rumors start.

      If you need more stickers, please just shout!!!



      • Excellent news thanks Darrin!

        We're happy to help spread the YMJG message because around here we know that Jozi Rocks!!

  2. BTW, have you googled YMJG/YOU MAKE JOBURG GREAT?

    • I have! We are Google greats around here 😀

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