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Posted by on Sep 3, 2009 in Random | 7 comments

South Africa Not Crime Ridden

I was surprised to see that this story never got more mileage than it did. It just goes to prove that South Africa is not as crime ridden as many would have you believe.

If you have not heard the long version can be read here. This is the short version:

A guy has driven around with R20 million in his car for 5 months and no one has stolen it!

Actually it was a LOTTO ticket that he had not checked. He was early to fetch his kids from school and decided to check his tickets that he had in the car door. After checking more than 50 tickets he had won between R30 and R100, when the last ticket he put in the machine (it’s always the last ticket hey?) came up with a “Not Authorised To Pay” message. He asked for a printout of the winning numbers and went to sit in the car to check them.

Voila! He had won! Man that must of felt good! As their slogan says, ONE DAY IS ONE DAY!


  1. So you have moved to bla bla blogs now, but miss your friends from news24?

    Just wondering…

    • Just spreading the word……………… too can blog here.

  2. What a great feeling that must have been.

  3. The main article says he almost forgot to pick up his kids from school, in his excitement. Guess we can forgive him that one little moment of neglect!

    Still can’t convince myself that I like the new(-ish) slogan. To be honest, I’m not sure what it means and have just assumed that it’s an English translation of something that just sounds better (and makes sense) in its’ original language.

    I liked Tata Ma Chance better.

    • He also never told anyone initially……you think he was weighing up his options?

      • WOuldn't you have… πŸ˜‰

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