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Posted by on Sep 9, 2010 in Featured, Food & Drink, News, South Africa, Voted | 1 comment

South Africa Beats Australia Despite Stephanie Rice

Just to spite Stephanie Rice, South Africa have beaten ARSSTRALIA once again. This time it is not at the coveted game of RUGBY, or at CRICKET, but at an older pastime. Most probably the oldest pastime of them all. One that an unprecedented 100% of the worlds population partake in from time to time.

EATING.Yes, we are FATTER than them. According to a new survey, South Africans rank 3rd in the world for our obesity rate. Just behind England and America. According to the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) a survey done in July among 500 adults in the country’s four biggest cities, 72% of Cape Town’s residents are overweight. Pretoria comes second at 68%, followed by Johannesburg at 59% and Durban at 52%.

The study also showed that, with 61% of adults in these four cities being overweight, South Africa is the country with the third-most overweight citizens, with America coming first and Britain second. Australia is in fourth place. Not bad for a country with the highest rate of un-employment amongst the top five.

There are currently more overweight than malnourished people worldwide. Now that is a scary point. Considering the rate of starvation in Africa, the shortage of water and food, we still manage to get fat? Amazing.

So go eat a 1/4 pounder you skinny Aussies!

1 Comment

  1. Brilliant mate, bloody brilliant! Now all we need do is clobber the Kiwis on Saturday and well be kings of the world again…


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