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Posted by on Oct 25, 2010 in Featured, Gadgets, Music, Voted | 2 comments

Sony Walkman Comes to an End

Sony Walkman comes to an endThe Sony Walkman was discontinued from production in April, and should be missing from shelves very soon. The last batch of the iconic TAPE players is currently on sale and will not be available anymore once current stocks are sold out.

These personal/portable tape players were the big thing in the early 80s. Originally built in 1978 for Sony co-chairman Akio Morita, who wanted to be able to listen to operas during his frequent trans-Pacific plane trips. Now having sold more than 220 million Walkmans (Walkmen?) they have been replaced in popular culture by a number of other music players.

The not selling so well Sony Discman CD player being one of those replacement devices. The name was changed to the CD Walkman to assist with brand/item recognition then boosting sales. Sony also launched the MP3 player that today is marketed as the New Walkman. But we all know that the personal MP3 market is owned by the iPod.

So dig into your old stuff and see if you still have your Walkman somewhere. You never know, it might be worth something soon.


  1. They were talking about this on 702 yesterday and reminiscing about other things that have come and gone in the space of a lifetime.

    Pagers, Beta video, 35mm cameras, Polaroid cameras all came up. Any others that you can think of?

    I remember my Walkman fondly with it’s big, fluffy foam rubber earpiece covers.


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