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Posted by on Oct 13, 2009 in Entertainment, Families, Voted | 6 comments

Some Basic Rules

After the party. Photo: D.M.

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This past weekend both my kids (girl 7 boy 3) were invited to birthday parties at the local heartburn factory, or more commonly known as “The official family restaurant of South Africa”, I for one do not agree. But nevertheless, bargain/bonus, two parties at the same venue, at the same time? Unheard of in parenting circles.

So the wife and I drop our daughter off at the hosts house cause there was a LIMO ride for the kids to the party, this is the families new business and they used the opportunity to market themselves, nothing wrong. We proceeded to the venue with our son, only to be not-greeted by the mother of the birthday boy who was not there, he was still having a nap? Our son walked up to the mother, who we do not know from a bar of soap, handed her the obligatory gift, and she told him ” Johnny is not here”. She never greeted us, she never asked our son his name, she never even tried to point him in the direction of the party/friends that were already there. All she did was take the present from him, pop it on the pile and turn back to the conversation she was having.

The second party was no better, no one offered us a seat or even asked if we were staying, who we were, who our kid/s were? I was amazed by the lack of what we considered “general hosting skills”. How are you supposed to feel confident in the parental abilities of the person who is supposed to look after your pride and joy if they can not even say hello?

We arranged a table for ourselves were we could watch the kids and had a drink. To cut a long story short, our son was not feeling too well and fell asleep on the wife’s lap anyway, so we walked up to the “hostess” and told her we were leaving. She looked at us as if she never knew who we were and said, ok, goodbye. And then we left………

Basic rules for hosting a party.

1. Greet the guests.

2. Ask if they are staying.

2.1 If they are offer a seat and refreshment as per invitation.

2.2 If they are not staying ask who will be collecting child and at what time ( For safety sakes)

3. Make sure the kids get liquids at least, maybe a light snack also.

4. Involve the kids in activities so as to make the day enjoyable/memorable.

5. Thank the guests for the gifts they bring.

6. Make sure the person who is supposed to leaves with the correct child.

Feel free to add your own ideas.

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  1. Birth Control??

    • Ahh, you un-childed cynic you!

    • Clever answer, now why did you not tell us this 8 years ago?

  2. I have had long-standing issues with the so-called "Family Restaurant" not being all that family (and specifically, child) oriented, but that's for another day.

    (Anyone with R2-R3-million wanting to invest in a child-friendly concept restaurant let me know – I have it all in my head!)

    Childrens' parties are a right pain in the proverbial, and I for one nowadays, abdicate as many of the chaperone duties to the Mrs. as I can get away with. I don't think the problems you guys experienced are unique – many mindless parents who couldn't really give a toss about the children at the Childrens' Party! and who seem more concerned with impressing their friends and entertaining the adults.

    I've been to 5-year olds party where the parents had a full bar and catered snacks for the adults, and the kids were left in the hands of a Barbie-clone with a couple of bowls of Flings, Fizzers and other odd garbage, and some arb juice. They were pretty much ignored for 2-and-a-half hours by most of the adults there. Totally bizarre.

    • That was at my house Greg……..NEVER!

  3. Very odd indeed.

    I have a whole rant about party-etiquette, but don't have the time to post it now.

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