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Posted by on Jan 21, 2010 in Current Events, JoBra | 6 comments

Singing in the Rain

Now remade and starring Julius Malema and a cast of thousands!

Mr. Malema is starting the school year off in fantastic form. Yesterday he visited schools and had students listening to him rattle on before leading them in singing so-called struggle songs, including the big mans’ anthem, Umshini wam.

Rather hypocritically, he told pupils at a Pretoria technical high school: “No one, regardless of their status of being a councillor or a president, must disrupt your learning.”

Pupils of the schools, some of which had dismal matric pass rates, were called out of classes to stand in the rain while Malema made a speech.

Despite the calls by [Deputy President Kgalema] Motlanthe and President Jacob Zuma for school hours to be used productively, the youngsters were made to swear allegiance to the ANC and Malema and to chant struggle songs. Many children appeared not to know the words of some songs. (Times Live)

Swearing allegiance to the ANC? Singing struggle songs? Just how much of a fool is the man?

Mr. Malema, you are giving us a bad name.


  1. Didn't take him long. Juli-baby clearly didn't make a new years' resolution to try to become less of a media whore than he was last year.

    Since when did our schools become open to politicking and party campaigning during school hours? If he genuinely went there to encourage the students and promote the importance of schooling and discipline (as he suggests was his intention in the Times Live article) why did he have the students chanting struggle songs and swearing allegiance to the ANC?

    What a crock. Democracy in action my arse.

  2. Malema is a f-ing idiot. what the hell is he doing at school if he isnt there to enrol himself to get a education for himself?? he should ratther just shut the hell up and go away because he does nothing for the country or the youth but make trouble and shoot his stupid mouth off. why hasnt the anc leaders taken him off his podium and put an muzzle on him like the dog he is? because zuma and all his buddys have no balls and are using Malema to take attention away from their own messes and bullshit.

  3. Hey, there's a marketing gap here maybe…

    Let's call it

    High School Musical 4: The Wonder Years!


    High School Musical 4: Lost in Translation


  4. Democracy is a dangerous system. We need to become a more responsible society before democracy will work.

    • Another article is quoting him as saying:

      "Teachers who do not want to teach are free to stay at home and learners who are not willing to learn are as well free to stay at home," Malema told learners.

      Which is clearly must be part of his effort to apply responsible democracy?

  5. A guy I work with has a sister at one of the schools he went to. Her comment to him about the Malema stage show at her school where she "only pretended to sing" while standing in the drizzle:

    "It is tru what they say, he is quite fat"!



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