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Posted by on Apr 28, 2010 in Current Events, Voted | 7 comments

SHAKIRA WAKA WAKA World Cup 2010 video

It is the official 2010 World Cup song. Chosen by FIFA and Featuring SHAKIRA and FRESHLY GROUND it is going to be the anthem of the tournament.

Take a look at the video, listen to the rhythms and let us know what you think.

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  1. Guessing that this is not the official video for the track is it?? Cause if it is, it is lousy. No shot of Freshly Ground and none of the very sexy Shakira showing us that her hips don't lie? Fail!

    • TheYOUTUBE site claims it is the "official" version…not sure about the video……

  2. Shakira doing a Spanish version makes sense, but the English version is utter trite.

    This should just be a song on the album, not the official tournament song. That honor should have been given to an African or South African performer.

    Why not just Freshly Ground themselves? Don't know them personally, but their small bits in this track seem solid enough.

    • I think the song sucks personally. But hey, thanks for your comment…

  3. I'm glad they've picked the shakira song for the next world, but I do not like her to have to copy rhythms of old songs.

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