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Posted by on Jul 22, 2009 in Random | 5 comments

SA Ministers In Effort To Repair Damaged Motor Industry

2009 BMW 7-series (Source: is wondering if South Africa’s Ministers been instructed to do whatever they can to rebuild buyer confidence in the South African motor industry?

It seems as if each day new revelations of extravagant spending are being revealed as minister after minister is forced to disclose their vehicle purchase plans in Parliament. This all in response to questions posed in that building by members of the Democratic Alliance.

First it was the Minister of Communications, Siphiwe Nyanda who declared that he had spent splurged wasted spent almost R2.4-million on two matching 7-series BMW’s. With rear-facing cameras and a rear-seat entertainment system, nogal.

One would think that the ministers’ driver would be able to reverse park without the aid of a camera. Besides the fact that the vehicle will never actually need to be reverse parked anywhere. The minister and his blue-light brigade will arrive at the front door each time. And will not park. Ever. He is a minister after all.

As for the serious sound system? Is that to drown out the sounds of local citizens’ screams as the police break up another service delivery failure protest action with rubber bullets and a smile?

06_2008_range_rover_sportNow we hear that Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga bought a BMW 7-series as well as a Range Rover Sport when she was appointed. Like her counterpart in Communications, the two vehicles are needed to ensure mobility in both Pretoria and Cape Town. (Another ridiculous waste of tax payers money that whole system is too! But we’ll leave that for another time…)

The luxury BMW 730d, will be based in Cape Town. It cost (the taxpayers of the land!) R894,500. The ubber stylish Ranger Rover Sport TDV8 she will use in Gauteng is valued at R807,000.

In her defence, she did manage to restrain herself with only a R2,500 set of mud flaps added to the Range Rover bill, and no optionals taken on the Beemer. The fact that a R807,000 top-of-the-line SUV doesn’t come with mud flaps is clearly besides the point here. That she needs a BMW in Slaapstad but a Range Rover in GP does work as a bit of a slap to the Gauteng Free Improvement Plan though… At least she went for the diesel options to save on her fuel bill.

Don’t get me wrong here. The ministers deserve good, safe vehicles. They do need the ability to move around in relative comfort. I would never suggest denying them that privilege.

But, what is bugging me is the manner in which so much money is being spent. R4-million for just 4 motor cars that will be used by two ministers, in two different cities. For the same money, we could have got 8-10 mid-level sedans (A4’s, 5-series BMW’s, even a decent Merc – if such a thing exists!) More than adequate for a drive down to Parliament from the Ministerial Housing Estate I would think.

More crucially, especially to those residents of places like Thokoza, we could have put up 100-odd low-income homes. Sure, they would not have come with mud flaps either, but they would at least be homes for 100 families of the citizens who put these ministers into power in the first place.


  1. You make a good point BlaBla. How about "Less wheels, more windows", "Less motors, more money", "Less sedans, more sanitation" or "Less Beemers, more Bricks!" as posters for the protesters!

  2. One minister, two cars!

    How's that slogan?

  3. In a statement on Wednesday, DA basic education spokesperson Juanita Kloppers said such spending on vehicles was extravagant and unnecessary.

    "To put this kind of expenditure into context, if every government department is to spend this amount on new vehicles for its minister over the course of the next year or years, it will cost the taxpayer approximately R60m," she said.

    as per,… 10-07/More_ministers_get_bling_boost

  4. For me, the biggest problem with the extreme money wasting is the fact that in most cases, the ministers are not effective at their jobs and sadly, even fewer ever seem to excel at their jobs! If people perform above the acceptable levels then by all mean's reward them, and do so handsomly!!

  5. "…a R807,000 top-of-the-line SUV doesn’t come with mud flaps" = ROFLMAO!!

    Missed that the first time I read it 🙂

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