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Posted by on Feb 6, 2013 in Entertainment, Featured | 0 comments

R’ha – Epic Sci-Fi Short

Kaleb Lechowski. That’s a name you will want to remember for the future. Give it a couple of years and it will become a name that you can point to and say “Hey, I remember that dude’s very first film!”

“But I don’t know his first film,” I hear you say. Not yet maybe. But soon, very soon young grasshopper. First, some context…

Kaleb Lechowski is a 22-year old German. He is studying Digital Film Design and animation at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin, Germany. He is presently in his 2nd year of study but began his R’ha project during his first year at the university.

Rha-BBFtThe little over 6 minute production took more than 7 months of work. Young Kaleb, did all of it himself (except for the voice acting and sound & music editing). He spent much of the 7 months working 10-hour plus days and countless nights on his short film. All the computer animation, design work, direction, script writing – all his own work. Solo effort by a man barely out of his teens.

Between Vimeo and YouTube, the R’ha has garnered around 2-million views since it’s release 3 weeks ago. It’s also been noticed over the Atlantic in the land of movie make believe and Kaleb is presently working on a full length script to accompany a pitch to a number of seriously interested studios.

Yes, the storyline for R’ha may be a little formulaic, some of the movement of the main character is a little stilted, and there are perhaps a few ‘borrowed’ elements apparent – machines taking over, an alien defender watching over the (unseen) population of a future planet, etc. But the entire package, the production and the quality of the animation is amazing. I honestly had to look very hard to check if the shackled human/cobra/alien hybrid wasn’t an actor in a rubber suit.

Like I said… remember the name, and where you heard it first.

And now, sit back, break out the mini-popcorn, turn up the sound a touch, knock the video into full-screen view, and hit the play button.

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