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Posted by on Sep 2, 2009 in Random | 16 comments

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We have beat this drum 100 times already, but here it goes one more time.

I noticed a Photo Tag of a friend of mine on the front page of Facebook, so I clicked the link to have a look as it had about 20 comments listed, that led me to believe it was worth looking at. When the page loaded it was a string of photo’s of a lady that had obviously got the wrong end of a beating by someone.

It turns out a friend loaded the pic of this lady that had been smacked around by her husband/boyfriend, not sure as I do not know her. He apparently claims he gave her a “little slap”. DAMN, I would like to see what a “big slap” would look like. Both her eyes were swollen shut and blue.

The “poster” had tagged all his Facebook friends and asked them to tag all their friends and so on. This was in order to get the message out that this guy was a wife beater and that he had gone far enough.

Wow, what an amazing tool Facebook is!

Be warned you are being watched, and at any stage your sins could be broadcast to the world. When I last checked there were over 300 people tagged to that one album, and the numbers are still growing.

The alleged guilty party must be feeling pretty stupid or angry by now. This type of name and shame could backfire horribly, or it could get a message across.Reblog this post [with Zemanta]

This topic is open for debate – what are your thoughts on naming & shaming and alleged abuser so publicly?


  1. Let's hope it gets the message across.

    The beater should be brought to book for that.

    • I hope so

    • Agree totally Madmom. And the book should be thick, hard and very heavy. And used to beat this sort of scum into oblivion. Them and those that beat children too.


      As others have suggested, it's a pretty thin line using FB to post about an allegation. I also agree that there needs to be some patience to allow for a proper legal process to work.

      Sadly, the wheels of justice turn all too slowly for many of the people trapped in relationships like this.

      • We have become a society of instant gratification, so name and shame or vigilanties get more work than the system.

  2. I wonder if a photo on Facebook is enough evidence for a booking by the police… If you can lose your job over Facebook, why not get arrested over it too?

    • If the cops knew how to use FACEBOOK.

  3. I suppose there are pretty good arguments for both sides. Name and shame is exactly what people guilty of doing something terrible deserve, but what about relatively innocent people who are just the vitim of someone's pissed-offness??

    • Thats what I think, you could fake the photo and discredit someone out of bitchiness

  4. I'm glad the guy's being exposed for the brute he is… but what kind of retard takes photos of sh*t like that anyway??? Just plain WEIRD!! 🙁

    • I also only recently got on the bandwagon with FB and am now in regular contact with my cousins in America, old friends from school and even know more of what happening in my sis life even though she is just around the corner from me…

      Good for the person that posted this pic

    • I think the victim had the photo's taken to get back at him

    • I think taking photos to prove abuse is a good thing – visual evidence is always going to having a stronger impact on the judge. But I agree that posting these pictures on a public site such as FB, and then trying to drum up as many people to spread it is a little out of line. As someone else suggests, the potential for counter-claims of slander/defamation is very high indeed.

      • It kind of creates a preconception of guilty before trial, he could argue a mistrial if it goes to court. I still say when in doubt lay charges, then you have the moral highground in the long run…..

  5. I don't particularly like FB anymore, but if it would shame him the way it was intended, so be it. But what about his wife? Did she agree to have her picture published like that?

    • I think the name and shame is a good thing, but should be done after a legal investigation.

  6. Sounds like it may be heading to a Lamebook entry…


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