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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Business, South Africa | 0 comments

Randelas: our new South African Mandela banknotes

Already being referred to as Randelas, (at least by me!) South African shoppers can look forward to the release of a full series of redesigned bank notes featuring a portrait of Nelson Mandela.

The new notes will be entering circulation by the end of the year, and will be used together with the existing bank notes for the next few years.

As we promised last week, here are some much better visuals and more details of all of the new notes.

What the New Mandela Banknotes Look Like:

10front 10back
20front 20back
50front 50back
100front 100back
200front 200back

Some Technical Info on the New Banknotes:

The image of former President Nelson Mandela is printed on the front of all new banknotes, as the main motif.

The banknote denomination numerals on the front, bottom right of the new banknotes are printed in colour-changing ink.

The Big Five animals are printed on the back of the new banknotes

  • R10: Rhinoceros
  • R20: Elephant
  • R50: Lion
  • R100: Buffalo
  • R200: Leopard

The dominant colours of the new banknotes remain the same as the colours on the current banknotes. However, the colour of the R200 has changed to a yellow-orange to distinguish it from the R20 because the current two notes are too similar in colour.

  • R10: Green
  • R20: Brown
  • R50: Red
  • R100: Blue
  • R200: Yellow-orange

All the new banknotes are 70 mm in height but increase in length by 6mm increments, as follows:

  • R10: 70 mm x 128 mm
  • R20: 70 mm x 134 mm
  • R50: 70 mm x 140 mm
  • R100: 70 mm x 146 mm
  • R200: 70 mm x 152 mm

The paper of the new banknotes is UV dull and does not fluoresce (i.e., it does not glow) under UV light. The fluorescent fibres that are visible on the current banknotes have not been included in the new banknote series.

The new banknotes have a distinctive feel and make a unique sound when snapped between your fingers.

Intaglio, or raised printing, is used on both sides of the new banknotes.

English is used on the front of all denominations. The words “South African Reserve Bank” are translated into two official South African languages on the back of the new banknotes.

  • R10: Afrikaans (Suid-Afrikaanse Reservebank) & siSwati (Libhangesilulu Leningizimu Afrika)
  • R20: Setswana (Bankakgolo Ya Aforikaborwa) & isiNdebele (Ibulungelo-Mali Elikhulu Lesewula Afrika)
  • R50: isiXhosa (Ibhanki Enguvimba Yomzantsi Afrika) & Tshivenda (Bannga Ya Vhukati Ya Afrika Tshipembe)
  • R100: Sesotho sa (Panka Ya Resefe Ya Afrika Borwa) & Leboa/Seped Xitsonga (Banginkulu Ya Afrika-Dzonga)
  • R200: isiZulu (Ibhange Lombuso Laseningizimu Afrika) & Sesotho (BBanka ya risefe ya afrika borwa)

Viva Randela, viva!

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