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Posted by on Jan 23, 2010 in Greg, Life, Relationships | 5 comments

Prostidude Now Available for Hire

Sapa-AP/IOL report that the US’s first legally licensed male “prostidude” has been employed by The Shady Lady Ranch brothel in Nevada.

Get your Shady Lady Ranch Brothel Token now! Good for $10 in trade! Markus – the name he has chosen to trade under – describes himself as “a well-read college dropout and former US Marine from Alabama.”

After trying out as a porn actor (he filmed two scenes before quitting the movie industry) he applied for the position. Shady Lady madam, Bobbi Davis, picked him from about 10 potential employees culled from hundreds of applications, many featuring crude inquiries.

Prostitution is illegal in nearly all of the US but is legal in parts of the western state of Nevada, though not in its most famous city, Las Vegas. The Scotty’s Junction – Petticoat Junction area off Highway 95 is one of the areas where the practice is legal. Brothels are licensed at State and County level, and are regulated as any other business entity.

Competing brothels owners in the area are seemingly a little put out by the appointment of the nations’ first legal gigolo. Competing owners are concerned that hiring gigolos in Nevada will bring unwanted scrutiny from state officials, potentially tempting them to make prostitution illegal. The competitors have also expressed concerns about sexually transmitted diseases.

So ladies let’s hear from you:

  • Would you consider using the services of a male prostitute? (Assuming you do so at a venue where prostitution is legal of course – we wouldn’t want you breaking any laws.)
  • Is male prostitution a sign that suggests the inherent gender bias in the worlds’ oldest profession is slowly edging towards a more equitable status?
  • And should the term “prostidude” be submitted for inclusion in the next OED?

Oh, and sorry guys. Those of you that may have been considering giving Markus a call should know that he is not willing to have sex with men – he is strictly a ladies man.


  1. Prostidude = ROFLMAO!!
    Dude! That’s funny

    • It is pretty funny, I agree. But just to clarify, it's not a term I coined. He (the male prostitute) is being called "prostidude" in all the US papers…

  2. Markus? Jeez, does Sarah know?

    • Thought the same thing, but then realised that if it was him then the description would be:

      Markus – the name he has chosen to trade under – describes himself as “a well-read university graduate and former CPA from South Africa, before he ran away to Arsetralia.”


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