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Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in Entertainment, Music, Polls | 84 comments

Poll: U2 360° South Africa Tour Support Acts

Almost 2,300 votes cast, over 80 comments made, and we came nowhere near being able to predict who the U2 support acts for their South African tour dates will be. As most have noted by now, Big Concerts announced late December that Amadou and Mariam and Springbok Nude Girls will open for U2 in February. We’ll have more on these two acts soon.

In the meantime we’ve closed our Polls below and are off to go ponder the deep wisdom of it all…

It occurred to me a few minutes ago that in our excitement and blind gratitude for getting to see U2 in our neighbourhood next year, that no-one has really spoken much (if at all?) about the support acts that will appear on stage before that Irish lot get started.

U2 South Africa 2011 360° Degree Concert Tour Details

Click Here to Win with BlaBla - U2 360 Degree Concert DVDI said ‘acts‘ because I’m hoping that we’ll get at least two ‘Special Guests’ as they are referred to on the site. I’d like to see a local artist – what a feather in the cap that would be for our homegrown talent to say they opened for U2. Maybe a 10 – 15 minute set? And then they get followed by a 20 -30 minute performance from an international artist.

Bringing a reasonably high profile international act out will definitely add value to the pricey tickets we have bought (or are going to buy as the case might be.)  A solid line-up of support acts would help to ease the sting of the credit card bill at the end of the month.

And besides that, I gather that the ticket prices we’re paying are comparable to tour ticket prices elsewhere, so why shouldn’t we get a comparable level of quality in the total package? And don’t give me that line about “SA is so far away that logistics are difficult.” I don’t buy it any more.

World class African nation, closer to Europe than Australia, top notch infrastructure, talented local technical support crews, a multitude of hugely succesfull international events under our belts. We have it all, and can do it all.

So, with those thoughts in mind, I’ve put together two quick polls for you to consider the local and the international artist that you’d like to see on stage in February next year supporting U2. The local list is a thumb-sucked group whilst the international list is based on the artists that either have already appeared or are scheduled to appear on the 360° Tour.

I know it won’t have any influence on the final decision, but it will be interesting to see what Live Nation/Big Concerts manage to put together for us and compare that to what people are hoping for.

[poll id=”9″]     [poll id=”8″]

Click Here to Win with BlaBla - U2 360 Degree Concert DVDThe polls will run until the official announcement is made. If your choice is not in the list drop a Comment Below and I’ll add these as they are suggested (and remove the lowest ranked from the list to keep list length reasonable). You can vote once a day on each of the polls.


  1. AC/DC yeah baby!!!

    • Added AC/DC to the and allocated your vote for today to them.

      Removed Elbow.

  2. how about dirty skirts backing jack parow???

    • Added Jack Parow and allocated your vote for today to him.

      Removed 7th Son.


    • Ha, you're assuming he's going to win. How about I add "2010 SA Idol" at the moment? Done and dusted. And removed Ashtray Electric.

    • ELVIS BLUE!!!!

      • Haha! What Bla said about it ^



  4. Shirley Manson – Garbage

    • Done and allocated Glenn!
      Lenny Kravitz removed.

  5. Cool poll, thanks guys!
    I’d love to have Florence & the Machine or Glasvegas here as the supporting act but I really don’t think there is much awareness of either in SA (think Glasvegas is sitting on 0 or 1 % on this poll) so I guess that would be reserved for European/UK audiences.
    Snow Patrol were here last year for Coke Fest so perhaps it won’t be them again and Kaizer Chiefs have also been fairly recently unless they select them as it was successful.

    I’d love to see local rock artist The Sick-Leaves as opening acts. Third album in after two SAMA nominated albums and are really impressing me.
    Take a read of this album review I read this week:

    I’d heard from Big Concerts last week regarding this, they said the support act has already been decided and will only be announced in a month or so, wouldn’t specify if is a local or international.

    I also totally wouldn’t mind seeing Muse live after missing them when they were out for Coke Fest.

  6. Hi Leigh

    We are the ones that should be thanking you for putting in such a great comment.

    I think you're totally correct regarding the support act decision being made already. It's just odd that they never announced it at the same time as the big 'U2 is coming' reveal.

    Other tour destinations know months in advance so why not SA? If you check the future tour dates on through to June/July 2011 you'll see that only the 2 SA dates have TBC under the "special Guests" column. Not that they need the added marketing to sell tickets, but it could have made some of the prices a little easier to swallow.

    I hear what you're saying about some of the acts being strongly European market pleasers but I'm of the mind that SA rock audiences could do with some European alternative rock education :). Which is why my votes are going to Flo + the Machine.

    I don't know Sick-Leaves at all, but I am going to find out about them. If their PR people (don't you just love how rock & roll that sounds!?) pick up on this – we'd love to get hold of a copy of the new album to review, and some media info on the band if we can.

    Have added Sick Leaves to the polls and credit them with their first vote courtesy of Leigh. I reckon their second vote may just come from me.

    Come what may, Feb 2011 is going to be a whole heap of fun!

    (Removed Cassette (0 votes) from the list to make place for Sick-Leaves)

  7. Saw Glasvagas at Cardiff. They were crap and the audience made it known. Interpol are not much better. Snow Patrol are the best U2 support act I’ve seen. But I’d like to see the Black Eyed peas.

    • Personally I don’t mind Snow Patrol either, but as Leigh pointed out earlier they were here relatively recently already. I guess the same is true of BEP though.

      Announcement will be made soon I’m sure.

      Incidently if you look around the site (maybe do a search for U2 or YouTube) you’ll find a clip posted up by Voted of the BEPs doing ‘Sweet child ‘o mine” with Slash when they opened for U2 in the States. Fergie. Hot. ‘Nuff said!

    • The peas are also CRAP live……

  8. Okay, who broke the poll?! Own up already.

    [working to fix it soonest…. sorry]

  9. Just Jinjer , Prime Circle, Seether ?

    • All worthy of a mention Chrome – thanks.

      Added Seether – removed Glasvegas (0 votes)
      Added Just Jinger – removed BLK JKS (0 votes)
      Added Prime Circle – removed Taxi Violence (2 votes)

  10. We got an indirect request to add Kings of Leon to the International list which we’ve done.
    Shirley Manson & Garbage (1%, 2 Votes) removed.

  11. Elvis Blue

    • We’ve updated the poll to reflect Elvis Blue specifically, as opposed to the generic “2010 SA Idol Winner” we had up there.

  12. I know Elvis Blue is a HUGE fan of U2 if he was part of the show it would be a highlight in his life!!!

    • We’re still really hoping that U2 agree to two support acts – one local and one international. If they do, and the local act is Elvis Blue, you’re right Mandy – it would be huge for him.
      There’s still no official word on the choice/s yet, so there is still hope. Make sure you vote for him here regularly, and get all you friends to do the same!

      • Wow it would be great, Idols was huge for him but U2 that is total other league, i really hope this can be done. VOTE VOTE VOTE and hope and pray all we can do!!!!

  13. I think that it would be most appropriate for The Parlotones to open for U2, but in my own personal understanding, they should actually be the International Act that is to open for them. They have achieved world wide fame themselves and could certainly pull this off. Just because they are South African does not preclude them from pulling in the International Band title. We, as worldwide fans of the Parlotones certainly consider them of international prominence everywhere that they have been on their current tour. I am in America and know that I am not the only American that feels that way. There are many of their European fans that feel this way about their status also. My 2 votes go for the Parlotones on both categories!!

    • Hi Jackie
      A well argued sentiment. But, the ‘tones are still SA-based, and that’s why they’re in the SA Acts list only. A similar sentiment could be argue for a band like Seether, but as they are 99%-based and comprised of US musicians, they’re in the International Acts list only.

  14. ELVIS BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Isochronous

  16. Elvis Blue should be the supporting act,seeing that he won Idols.The other SA artists are all big already and have received exposure.U2 is also one of Elvis’ favourite groups of all time.It will be a special highlight in his life and also an honour for him to open the show.

    • I think it’d be an honour for anyone to open for U2 Maria. And I’d disagree with the point that the other acts are “all big already and have received exposure” myself.
      Idols is watched by millions – very significant exposure that at least half of our list of SA acts would only ever be able to dream of getting. Not to mention the money, the publicity and the exposure.
      And as for big already – well, have you heard of and supported all of them yourself? Have you even heard their music?
      Don’t get me wrong – I like Elvis, and agree that he should have won the competition. Just don’t consider him the most deserving simply because he won Idols – there’s a lot of very worthy, very talented performers in our list, all of whom are equally deserving (if not more so in some cases!) of the right to open on the U2 stage.

  17. Elvis Blue!

  18. LOL!!!!!!!!! elvis blue??? what a joke, who wants to see a crappy idol winner on the same stage as u2, give us value for money, not something we have seen to much of on tv for the past 2 months. AC/DC would be great to see, we probably wont have another chance. and as far as local bands go, aKing, prime circle or the parlotones are the only ones even worth putting in front of 100k people

    • As I mentioned to Maria above – lots of exposure for Elvis, and equally, lots of SA music lovers who would disagree that he is the one for the U2 stage.

      Keep the votes coming!

  19. No other South African artist will pull this off beter than the king himself…. ELVIS BLUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    • I’m thinking the EB supporters are clearly missing their weekly dose of “let’s vote for Elvis!” Glad that we can provide an outlet for your withdrawal symptoms 🙂
      Remember though, only one vote person per day around here – none of that 10 votes via SMS and Mixit here.

  20. Let’s go BLUE!!!

    • Seems a LOT of lady names linked to the Elvis Blue bandwagon. Why is that I wonder?

  21. Elvis Blue definitely! Everyone will love him…. he is great!

    • Definite voting withdrawals at play here. The Elvis Blue fan-club have made a solid effort to get their man comfortably to the top of the list, with 3 times as many votes as next best – The Parlotones.
      And bravo to them!

      Clearly, supporters of the other acts need to, well, get their act together! Get your love for the ‘tones, Prime Circle, The Sick-Leaves, whoever out there and spread it – Facebook, email, MySpace posts, Twitter. Whatever it takes.

      If this poll was official – it’s not, but Big Concerts and Live Nation Touring are watching it – and it closed today, Elvis Blue would be opening for U2 next year. Hands down.

  22. Who else but our new young star ELVIS BLUE !!!!

    • Well Louise, there’s at least another 30-odd in our lists and the comments, but don’t let that bother you. I’m sure Elvis is hugely happy with all the support you and the others have been giving him. Don’t quit yet!

  23. Expose Elvis Blue our Idols winner. Why expose bands etc that are already popular in SA.

    • Thanks for your vote Corley! You and the rest of the EB Fans are doing a great job of just that – exposing him.


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