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Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in Entertainment, Music, Polls | 84 comments

Poll: U2 360° South Africa Tour Support Acts

Almost 2,300 votes cast, over 80 comments made, and we came nowhere near being able to predict who the U2 support acts for their South African tour dates will be. As most have noted by now, Big Concerts announced late December that Amadou and Mariam and Springbok Nude Girls will open for U2 in February. We’ll have more on these two acts soon.

In the meantime we’ve closed our Polls below and are off to go ponder the deep wisdom of it all…

It occurred to me a few minutes ago that in our excitement and blind gratitude for getting to see U2 in our neighbourhood next year, that no-one has really spoken much (if at all?) about the support acts that will appear on stage before that Irish lot get started.

U2 South Africa 2011 360° Degree Concert Tour Details

Click Here to Win with BlaBla - U2 360 Degree Concert DVDI said ‘acts‘ because I’m hoping that we’ll get at least two ‘Special Guests’ as they are referred to on the site. I’d like to see a local artist – what a feather in the cap that would be for our homegrown talent to say they opened for U2. Maybe a 10 – 15 minute set? And then they get followed by a 20 -30 minute performance from an international artist.

Bringing a reasonably high profile international act out will definitely add value to the pricey tickets we have bought (or are going to buy as the case might be.)  A solid line-up of support acts would help to ease the sting of the credit card bill at the end of the month.

And besides that, I gather that the ticket prices we’re paying are comparable to tour ticket prices elsewhere, so why shouldn’t we get a comparable level of quality in the total package? And don’t give me that line about “SA is so far away that logistics are difficult.” I don’t buy it any more.

World class African nation, closer to Europe than Australia, top notch infrastructure, talented local technical support crews, a multitude of hugely succesfull international events under our belts. We have it all, and can do it all.

So, with those thoughts in mind, I’ve put together two quick polls for you to consider the local and the international artist that you’d like to see on stage in February next year supporting U2. The local list is a thumb-sucked group whilst the international list is based on the artists that either have already appeared or are scheduled to appear on the 360° Tour.

I know it won’t have any influence on the final decision, but it will be interesting to see what Live Nation/Big Concerts manage to put together for us and compare that to what people are hoping for.

[poll id=”9″]     [poll id=”8″]

Click Here to Win with BlaBla - U2 360 Degree Concert DVDThe polls will run until the official announcement is made. If your choice is not in the list drop a Comment Below and I’ll add these as they are suggested (and remove the lowest ranked from the list to keep list length reasonable). You can vote once a day on each of the polls.


  1. I voted for Elvis Blue! Please vote for him 2. THanks

    • Just because you asked so nicely Gerda.

  2. Who the heck is Elvis Blue anyway? Does someone have a youtube or mp3 link to anything he’s done? If he’s an Idols winner does he even have enough original music to do a 15 – 20 minute support set? If your Idols is like ours, all the contestants do is covers of other people, and I for one don’t think that is enough to go by. Let’s hear something original and then make a choice rather.

    • You will be blown away if you hear him sing!!!! He is awesome!

      • He is definitely not a cover artist , that is the difference between him and the other Idols winners , he stood out from the beginning being an individual artist doing his own thing , go to his fan page you will be able to down load some of his own composition’s you will be blown away and then you will understand why we all rooting and voting for him

    • Elvis blue should not open of U2 as he is not a rock artist. he is a pop artist that got catapulted into stardom by a con traversal show.

  3. I would go for 2 SA acts. Arno Carstens up first, then The Parlotones

  4. They say we can vote once per day! Why is Elvis Blue not on the list? He is such a huge fan of U2 and apart from that he is a wonderful guy, who really deserves this break. He also gives lessons (guitarsinging) to the under privilaged. His name he uses, was one of the aids kids name, who passed away, he used to go and play guitar and sing for him. He is just a great guy, who can sing!!!!

    • Hi Corley
      You should be able to vote once every 24 hours. The poll resets on a timed cookie basis. We’ll check the settings, but it seems to be working for us.
      Elvis Blue is on the list – it randomises the vote order each time so that voters are not influenced by preset order.

  5. Evolver One all the way!!

    • We’ll get Evolver One onto the list laster today Maz. Hope there’s a lot more votes for them after yours – I sorta dig them too!

  6. Love all the choices. However take note. Being an opening band can either make or break you. If you are not up to standard, are not ready (which takes years of experience) and don’t deliver a stellar arena performance (without the same amount of lighting and quality of sound as the headliner) it will largely be ignored and over looked. Also you can’t sit back and think the job is done as it will take a good publicist to ensure press know about it and drive home the news you are opening to the public taking advantage of the potential exposure. I have seen many bands look awful after their opening slot as the headliner blows them away and makes them look worse than they.

    • Tracey makes a very, very important point here!

      100,000 people in the FNB Stadium could easily destroy the artist who is not up to the challenge in the space of a single song performed badly.

      A couple of 100 people cheering for you in the safety of a television studio is not comparison. Elvis Blue fans beware – you may be asking your man to run well before he is able to walk.

      • No doubt in my mind that Elvis Blue will be able to perform in front of 100,000 people! He is way past the crawling and walking stages. He can run like Forest Gump…lol. Elvis Blue you rock!

  7. It has to be ELVIS BLUE!!! for all the reasons listed above by my other BLUE friends but also because he is going to be one of the biggest stars this country has ever seen, he is going to have an impact on our nation & affect change in peoples lives…he is a passionate humanitarian & the most deserving candiate to open for U2!! I truly believe that Elvis Blue is going to bring people in this country together in an awesome way!!

    • I love the passionate support Tanya!

      Personally, I’m not entirely convinced that his impact is going to be as broad and profound as you’re suggesting, but I would love to be proven wrong.

      • You go girl! Greg keep a eye on the news. Elvis Blue rules!

  8. With all due respect to Elvis Blue, this is a pipe dream. U2 is the biggest act in the world and all their openers are established recording stars, who can fill stadiums on their own. On their tour of Australia and New Zealand Jay Z is opening for them. He has sold 150 million album to date, is a philanthropist and political campaigner – and he’s not an Ausissie or a Kiwi, so it’s hard to believe that any South African artist will get the nod. Check out the recent openers on the European leg of their tour – all have platinum album sales and or Grammy nominations. No American Idol winner would expect this until they have Kelly/Carrie/Daughtry success. AC/DC were the second biggest earners of 2010, so they don’t belong on the list ….. and neither do KOL, I don’t think.

  9. How are we supposed to vote if you’ve had a problem on your page for 2 days!!! Its frustrating!!!

    • Dude. I think you are being a bit f—ing bolshy here for no reason. I’ve just voted again – probably about the 20th time – without any problems at all. And I did it in Australia on my mobile phone!

      Before you go off at the guys at BlaBla, who owe you nothing whatsoever, you may want to check your computer is not the problem. You’d have thought that you’d have realised that after your last bitch at BlaBla saying much the same thing and being told then (way too politely) by Greg that there was no prob with the poll.

      In short, wind your frikkin neck in.

    • I 2nd that. Just voted gain for the AMAZING!!!! Elvis Blue and had no problem at all with the poll.
      Sorry Corley, but it looks like you need to check your computer. And apologise to the BlaBla people who are doing this poll for no reward for us.

    • A-R, Celia: Thanks for the support and for confirming that the polls are working okay. I’ve just rechecked the polls here, and as you’ve indicated, they seem to be all okay. Don’t be too hard on Corley though. It seems that he/she is suffering from an issue of compatibility.

      Corley: Again, I’m sorry to hear that you are still unable to vote. With the large variety of computer systems, operating environments, web browsers, java versions, etc. it is really difficult to ensure that everyone sees things the same way and everything works the same way. If you let us know what your system specs are, we might be able to help figure things out for you.

  10. Elvis Blue?! Seriously?! What songs will he be performing? Covers? Be serious. Parlotones?! How many opening support acts have they done over the years? I think they’ve had their fair share of chances. Time for some new bands to come through. Let Goldfish start the party!

    • Elvis Blue will be releasing his cd with original songs on monday… I think you must get it! You will change your mind about him very fast!!!! Lol

  11. I doubt that it’ll be Kings of leon after the announcement yesterday that they will be touring in SA next year themselves…

    • A very good point Chuckie. A probably 100% correct. If the 170,000-odd U2 concert goers see KoL in action at U2, a lot of them will probably refrain from forking out a full-price ticket to see them as headliners on their own.

      You think we should take them off our poll list to avoid confusion? Or maybe we’ll leave them on and see how many more votes are made for them! (Right now KoL have 131 votes.) I think we’ll leave it for a while and see… 🙂

  12. oh, and I agree that Elvis Blue shouldn’t be the one. I think you have the best idea that we could have two openers, one local and one international. Like Peter above me I think Goldfish would be awesome to start things off with a bit of a groove in a short set, then lets have Snow Patrol to do their rocking thing before Bono and the band blow us away.

    Now that would be an AWESUM line up!

    • I like the way you think. Especially because you agree with us! 😀

      Your two choices aren’t too shabby either.

  13. The answer is clearly the sick leaves for the local band as they will be able to get the crowed worked up for U2.

    the international artist should be Kasabian.

  14. What about adding Wonderboom to the local SA supporting Acts???

    • Not a bad suggestion there Michael. I’ll add them in…

  15. Got the news today….supporting acts for U2; Springbok Nude Girls…GREAT STUFF!!!…& Amadou & Mariam from Mali – with all respect, but who the fk are they???Never heard of them; what is their “hit single” called???? How do they end up opening for the best rock act currently on the planet? I smell a bit of good old African politics in this ine again.
    Paying gigantic prices to see an opening act the most people never even heard of?

    Springbok Nude Girls also have’nt been performing together for quite a while now, but at least we know who they are and what to expect.

  16. Here’s some info on Amadou and Mali – bet they got a big thumbs up from Bono.:

    Amadou & Mariam are a musical duo from Mali, composed of the couple Amadou Bagayoko (guitar and vocals) (born in Bamako 24 October 1954) and Mariam Doumbia (vocals) (born in Bamako 15 April 1958). The pair, known as “the blind couple from Mali” met at Mali’s Institute for the Young Blind, and found they shared an interest in music.
    The duo’s early recordings in the 1980s and 1990s feature sparse arrangements of guitar and voice. Since the late 1990s Amadou & Mariam produce music that mixes traditional Mali sound with rock guitars, Syrian violins, Cuban trumpets, Egyptian ney, Indian tablas and Dogon percussion. All these elements put together have been referred to as “Afro-blues”.

    In 2003 they were approached by World–Latin music star Manu Chao, who then produced their 2004 album Dimanche à Bamako (“Sunday in Bamako”), which also features his distinctive vocals.

    In 2006 they recorded, together with Herbert Grönemeyer, the official anthem for the 2006 FIFA World Cup “Celebrate The Day” (German: “Zeit, dass sich was dreht”). The song topped the German charts in June 2006.

    In 2007 they supported Scissor Sisters at the MEN Arena on 30 July. In summer of 2008, they played the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois and the Latitude Festival in Henham Park, Suffolk.

    In 2008, their song “Sabali” placed 15 on Pitchfork Media’s Top 100 Best Tracks of 2008.

    Amadou & Mariam won the Best Group category in the inaugural Songlines Music Awards (2009) – announced May 1, 2009 – the new ‘world music’ awards organised by the UK-based magazine, Songlines.

    On May 26, 2009 they played a gig to support the homeless charity Crisis at the Union Chapel, in north London with David Gilmour playing second guitar supporting the whole 80 minute set and a 5-minute encore. On June 8, 2009 they performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

    In 2009, they supported Blur during their two reunion gigs in Hyde Park and also supported UK based band Coldplay on their Viva la Vida Tour. They were chosen by Matt Groening to perform at the edition of the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival he curated in May 2010 in Minehead, England.

    Also in the 2009, they became Zeitz Foundation Ambassadors for Culture (Art); they help raise awareness and shape activities in their respective dimension.

    In 2010 their autobiography ‘Away From the Light of Day’ was published in English by Route Publishing.

    On June 11th, 2010, Amadou & Mariam appeared on FIFA’s Kick-Off Celebration for 2010’s World Cup, hosted in South Africa.

    Here’s what they sound like

  17. King Of Leon – a must , and although the suggestions are ok Watershed has not surfaced , what happened to SA Pride man !!!!

  18. I’m with Johan… I’m really upset about the opening acts. We’re paying so much for these tickets and are going to be watching people we’ve never heard of! Miriam & Amadou played at the Fifa concert in June and were terrible. I was really expecting something better… Even if it is 2 local artists but at least those we would be proud to put on stage with U2!

  19. Hello from a Dreary eyed U2 Fan! Concert was absolutely amazing!!!

    Opening acts however! Sadly lacking. Miriam & Amadou, what a waste of stage space and time. We have Lira, Freshly Ground, Crash Car Burn, Parlotones, Black Hotel, Goldfish and Prime Circle. All music that would compliment or being in a similar genre to that of U2. Why the hell??

    I must admit I was looking forward to Springbok Nude Girls, but found their live performance terrible. Could not hear the vocals, sound was bad, the screaming and scratchy guitar a bit tiring and would have maybe been better to have Arno Carstens by himself doing his ballads. Like Chicita, said maybe it’s coz Springbok nude girls have not been together for a while.

    Any ways! All for local music but at least be selective and put your best foot forward!

    • Hey Pat

      Thanks for the concert feedback. Agree that SNG could have sounded better, but think that may have something to do with the audio mix and not wanting them to sound even vaguely as good as the main act. I guess it could detract from the impact that U2 have when they come on if the support artists sound better than them?

      I unfortunately missed A&M, although I hear their performance was equally as bad acoustically speaking. I personally don’t think they were the right act to support U2 myself, but having listened to some of their music recently I have to say that they are musically and vocally an impressive talent. The guitar work is really, really good and the vocals (while I can’t understand a word of it) has a really unique sound to it. (I subsequently heard that Larry Mullen wants to work on a side-project with them? Totally unconfirmed, but interesting to see if it ever comes about…)

      Each to his own I guess.

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