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Posted by on Feb 26, 2009 in Random | 0 comments

PKR Screen Shots

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Using this post to check whether the blogs’ newest plug-in works as expected. This option allows for the conversion of images into a flash slideshow. This happens automatically, with no major input from me other than selecting the images.

I’ve used a bunch of screen shots from my favourite online poker room PKR to see whether it works well. Let me know what you see, and think….

PKRScreen01 PKRScreen04 PKRScreen07 PKRScreen34
PKRScreen27 PKRScreen35 PKRScreen21 PKRScreen15

Oh, and if you want more information about PKR and the poker room software for this amazing 3D poker room, be sure to visit the local PKR affiliates website: PKRSA at – they got a bunch of information, links, playing tips, and will arrange to get the (large!) software sent to you on a CD if you want.

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