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Posted by on Sep 9, 2009 in Computing, Technology, Web | 7 comments

Pigeon Race 2009

A 4 gig slap in the face for Telkom

The story so far:

A pigeon called Winston will race a Telkom ADSL line with 4gb of data from Howick to Hillcrest. The SD Card will be strapped to the leg of the pigeon whilst the DATA will be transferred via the Telkom ADSL line.

Hellkom logo

When I first heard about this I hosed myself thinking “they cannot be serious” but then today was the day. The story unfolds like this.

Data download starts simultaneously, the transfer to SD card and the ADSL transfer. It takes 26 minutes to get the info onto the SD card, the bird leaves and 2 hours 6 minutes and 57 seconds later it is at the destination. The Data is transferred from the card onto the laptop and VOILA, the pigeon is the winner.

At that point only 4% data transfer had been achieved by the ADSL line. So there you go, A pigeon is faster than TELKOM. Much the same as the situation at my house….

This may just qualify for a ” BAD WEEK FOR AWARD” what you think Bla?


  1. What a good laugh!

  2. Our friend & fellow blogger Robert Bravery posted up a story about Winston yesterday. It's worth visiting this link just to see the classic image he used to illustrate the post:

    If you visit Winstons' Facebook page (I know, I know – what?!) you'll see that most who placed a guesstimate on the outcome of the race had Winston winning hands down. (Or should that be wings down?)

    Robert also breaks down the simple maths of the challenge and shows why a wager on Winston would have been a sure thing.

    • BTW you see how the FACEBOOK/TWITTER page worked in this instance? New media my man, new media

  3. Things certainly have been busy at blabla today! Personally I have also had a busy day! it all started with the realisation that today had one of those "never again" moments, centering around the no 9! As a result, I decided to show my 9th rental (estate) agent some porn(the right way to watch porn), and she paid me in kind 9 times as a result. I might add that it was not as good as it sounds as she was talking "Kak" the whole way through.

    What followed was the enivatible down to any high, when I realised that I can not afford the Mclaren F1, even if it was 9 times cheaper!

    Then, low and behold, I recieved news of Winston's resounding victory 21 times!(thanks bla) In keeping with the day's number theme, that would roughly equate to 9 x 2,33.

    Perhaps Winston should consider taking on Castor Semenya? While my mind is 'racing' here, I wonder what colour pigeons are, and if Winston got 9 supporters to wecome him home when he got back to his little "hokkie"?

    Now that I have that off my size 9 boots, Im off to have dinner and some red wine with mates, hopefully, not 9 bottles…..

    • I was not 9 bottles, but deffinitely close!

  4. Defienietly time that SA woke up to the broadband and the super fibre optic cable highway!!


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