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Posted by on Oct 8, 2009 in Photography, Random, Voted | 16 comments

Pets, some people have really cool ones

Now I have no Idea who took the photo’s but I would like to say you are a very brave person whoever you are.

At our house we have two pets, A staffie with a obsesive compulsive disorder and a cat who thinks she’s a Puma, pretty standard run of the mill. Now at this next house the pets are a little different. The first photo is of the patio at this very nice farm house, look carefully as there is something lying on the patio…..


Now the second photo reveals the family pet in all its splendour.


Any comments?


  1. I've seen the pics before, I believe he's quite domesticated, but wouldn't try to give him a cuddle myself!

    • His name is BASIL….

  2. Is that what I think it is? A hippo?

    Heck, I'd hate to be the kid on "pick up the poop" duties at that house! 😀

    • Yip!

  3. Phew! Imagine that pet food bill!

    • Bigger than the family food bill

  4. Uhm…and that is what exactly???

  5. Get outta here! I hippo? Sheezlike!

    Where does it sleep? 😉

    A staffie with obsessive compulsive behaviour? Dude, I love your doggie! lol

    • You can have him! All he does he whole day is follow the wife around licking the floor.

  6. Don't ever piss a hippo off!!

    By the way V, please stop offering L to others, and if he's reading this:

    " Luke, I am your real Father!!"

    • Come back from the dark side my son…..

    • BTW everyone knows Staffies can not read….

  7. Wahahaaa! Lick the floor? He's USELESS!

    • Not if you need spilled stuff cleaned up.

  8. I would think that is animal cruelty because you are taking a wild animal who loves to be out in the wild and then putting it in a backyard that is way to tiny to even think of letting a hippo live there you should bring it to a place to let be free in Africa. Don’t be surprised if neighbors call the police to seise te animal and either put it down (which would be bad and your fault!) or let free which it truly deserves think about the animal before your own pleasure!

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