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Posted by on Oct 28, 2010 in Featured, Motor, Television, Voted, Wheels | 3 comments

Passenger Road Test: The SAVSPEED BMW M3 Turbo

I have been meaning to post this Blog for ages.

A while ago I was given the opportunity to go for a “controlled” run as a passenger in this awesome record breaking BMW M3. The history of the car goes like this…

Savspeed developed the 595kw BMW M3 Turbo at their workshops in Edenvale, Gauteng. Now Sav is a renowned BMW tuner. Running his own M3 in the local racing circuit, he won the championship this year, beating the South African motor sport stalwart Willie Hepburn.

On 7 April 2010 they took the car to ODi Raceway to attempt a run at the 20 year old Street Legal 1,000m Standing Start record. The rules call for two runs in opposite directions within an hour. The combined average run time for the M3 was 20.889 seconds, smashing the previous record.

Anyhow, as luck would have it the car has made it’s way into the hands of another racer. Now an everyday runaround (of note) I landed a seat in the back of the car recently…. much safer that way.

Being able to get the power from the engine to the road is an art all of its own. This car is SICK to put it lightly. The ease at which you can light up the tires, in any gear, is simply ridiculous. The “push you back in the seat” feeling is addictive, basically being controlled by the price of fuel and tires.

The run consisted of a number of “squirts” running out of tarmac in a hurry, often… all thoroughly enjoyable! Except if you were the non-petrol head sitting in the front passenger seat. I could see how the other passenger was “tramping brakes”, ending the very quick run with pins and needles in his legs.

Let me just say, I have been in a couple of FAST cars, but this is in another league. The power is there instantly, all the time, in any gear, at all revs. I am not the biggest BMW fan, in fact I might be the biggest anti-Beemer guy around, but this car has earned my respect. Totally.

The SAVSPEED ULTIMATE STREET CAR SERIES will be launched on  IGNITION TV on DSTV, channel 265 this Saturday at 12:30pm. In Episode 1 the SavSpeed Crew take a R27,000 road Beemer and turn it into the Ultimate Street Car. It’s Overhaulin’ South Africa style!

Check out this trailer:


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