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Posted by on Aug 17, 2009 in Random | 0 comments

Papa Chino’s Is Not For Dinner

We had dinner with a group of friends on Saturday night at Papa Chino’s. Now do not even bother clicking the link cause the site is still under construction.

The first thing I noticed is that the “under construction” page does not even display a telephone number never mind an address. Poor work by the site developers I think. I mean what do you look for when going to a website? CONTACT DETAILS people!!!

We had made a booking for ELEVEN people for 7.00pm. What does that tell you? This is a relatively large group, one short of your mandatory “Set Menu” number. Maybe you should have considered telling us at the time of booking that the kitchen closes at 8.30pm? Huh?! We booked for dinner, not lunch.

Anyway, the company we were with were fantastic! So we enjoyed ourselves anyway. We ordered starters and had a couple of drinks. The starters came, but, huh? Why only half? Then some were wrong and were sent back to be replaced with the correct orders. By the way, by this time we were the ONLY table left in the place, so really you should not be messing up your only tables’ order.

The mains came. This was before the missing starters arrived. They then brought in our missing starters, but only after questioning the manager. The food was good, I must compliment them on that. The place also has massive potential, but it is obviously a lunch venue and maybe they should communicate that better.

So my advise to you is try it, for lunch not dinner.

PAPA CHINO’S is in Carlswarld, Midrand, basically at the end of Alandale Rd behind Plantland.

Buyer beware indeed!

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