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Posted by on Jul 26, 2009 in Random | 6 comments

Open Letter: To The Father Who Doesn’t Care

This is an open letter to the gentleman driving the white Opel on the M1 south on Saturday afternoon at about 1:45pm, between the Marlboro and London Road off-ramps.

Dear Sir

You do not deserve the privilege of having children.

You are not only an undeserving parent, but I feel you should be charged with child neglect and be stripped of the right to call yourself a father.

Yesterday, when I was driving alongside you on the freeway at 100km/h, you ignored my waved arms and hooted efforts to attract your attention. I was desperately trying to alert you to the fact that you were putting the lives of your children at serious risk.

Your teenage son in the passenger side rear seat seemed to be the safest as he was sitting back in the seat and minding his own business. I couldn’t quite see whether he was using the seatbelt available to him. If he was, it was presumably on his own volition because you clearly couldn’t give a damn one way or another.

Your younger son in the rear seat definitely wasn’t wearing his seatbelt though. He looks about 5? Children are amazing at that age, don’t you think? Full of life, full of questions, so curious about everything. Sitting on the edge of the seat, leaning through the space between the front seats talking to his sister in front of him showed that he too has that “curious about everything” approach. I could almost hear him running off at the mouth, every sentence prefixed with a “Why…?”

At a guess I’d say your beautiful daughter is about 8 years old? It’s so difficult to tell these days, especially with girls. They always look so much older than they really are, wouldn’t you agree? In her case though, it was difficult to judge her age because she was sitting so far forward in the seat, leaning on her arms right on the dashboard and I couldn’t see her clearly. With her sitting so far forward in the seat, I guess it was too difficult for her to be wearing her seatbelt, right?

I realise that you probably didn’t notice the incredibly unsafe environment that you were putting your children in. And I understand that you did not notice my efforts at attracting your attention.

In both cases it was probably because you were too busy concentrating on the cell phone that you had pressed against your ear at the time. That and having to negotiate that very busy stretch of the highway with all it’s construction work is tricky at the best of times. Driving with one hand and holding a cell conversation under those circumstances must really have taken all your attention and concentration.

In your defence though, it was reassuring to see that at least you were wearing your seatbelt. Is that so that if you do have an accident, at least you’ll survive in order to be able to identify the shattered remains of your childrens’ bodies?

Because we weren’t able to communicate “on the move” yesterday, I’m writing you this letter to suggest to you that you really should reassess your fitness for parenthood. To knowingly put your children at such risk is to play Russian Roulette with their lives. To do so with such callous disregard for their safety, whilst you in turn are making an effort to protect yourself, is despicable.

In my mind that makes you a pathetic excuse for a parent. You do not deserve to have children. You do not deserve to have the privilege of watching them grow. You do not deserve to be their parental role-model.

You sir, are a disgusting excuse of a father.



  1. What a prick! Should be used as a crash test dummy.

  2. Good on you for writing this excellent post.

    Some people just have no business being parents. Caring and protecting children is a specialized job and some of us should not be allowed to do it.

  3. Yeah, what Jimmy jay said. I'll drive.

  4. The seatbelt wearing is NOT an option in my family, this is something that has to be enforced from the first time a child get's into a car. FULLSTOP NO ARGUMENT!

  5. :(((

    Going to print this and ask my daughter's school to include it in their next newsletter, if I may?

    • You may with pleasure Cindy. Spread it as far and wide as possible (with a link back here of course 🙂 )

      If it helps to change even one persons' attitude to the problem I am happy.


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