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Posted by on Jul 24, 2009 in Random | 8 comments

Only In SA – Daily Voices’ Sick Headlines

"I eat pussy to survive" - IOL Daily Voice newspapers' sick headline and photoOnly in South Africa can you get away with a HEADLINE and story like this. On the front page nogal.

The “newspaper”, and I use that term very loosely, is more a tabloid than anything else. The pearlers they have reported on include, “UFO Airport in Hout Bay” (Nov 5, 2008).

This is an IOL tabloid stirring things up in Cape Town.


  1. Anything to sell the papers.

    • Quite right Madmom. And it's deplorable in many cases.

      Robert (who comments below you) recently wrote an article totally unrelated to this, dealing with advert placement. To illustrate his point he uses a newspaper page which shows how profit-focused newspapers are, without any sensitivity to the issues around the adverts.

      Have a look at the picture and the explanatory paragraph just above it on Roberts' post here:

  2. I have cats, Dogs, Birds, even a hamster. This is a sick story as well as being a sad story. I know that some places dogs and cats are just meat. But them in India, your precious Beef (Cow) is worshipped.

    • Tabloids, are they really needed?

  3. Totally sick!

    Think the SPCA should investigate cruelty charges just for that posed picture, never mind following up on whether there is even any truth in the story!

  4. Good point, Greg.

    Another thing that bothers me is the heading just above it regarding the 'flats mense'.

    That heading insinuates that these people don’t care about pets and are a danger to the safety of our pets. It is also derogatory to the ‘flats mense’.

    [Blabla edit: comments merged]

    • Hi Madmom. Unfortuantely, once submitted, comments can only be edited by the post author/blog admins.

      I've manually merged your two comments….

  5. Madmom,

    You are a sensationally earnest bore. I do love the very South African use of the phrase 'these people' usually employed, in my experience, because the phrase you really want to use is no longer acceptable.

    And, to the others, how is a 'posed picture' cruel? Either people eat animals or they don't. Posing a picture to illustrate it doesn't constitute cruelty.


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