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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Humour, Illustration, Life | 0 comments

One of the Biggest Problems With Being Self-Employed

I work from a home office. When I’m not out at a client I’m in my office. When I’m there, this is often my reality. Way too often.

Freelance Freedom #269: Music Mentality (c) N.C. Winters @

Freelance Freedom #269: Music Mentality © N.C. Winters @

In fact, I spent the last hour and a half updating album cover art. True story. I got to doing that when I launched iTunes and started choosing some songs to play while I mark a set of exam papers that need to have grades submitted tomorrow morning.

Actually, this is probably not the biggest problem with working for yourself. Collecting on money owed to you ranks pretty high on the list. So does keeping up-to-date with the admin and accounts stuff – I suck at those. Finding new, interesting, challenging and rewarding work is also a huge time-taker in my life.

There are other issue as well I guess. But those, and the constant need to put the perfect playlist of perfectly tagged and perfectly illustrated mp3’s together is definitely high on the list.

So I haven’t actually done all that much marking yet. But hey, at least my iTunes Cover Flow view is looking a lot better 🙂

cover flow


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