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Posted by on Feb 28, 2011 in Arkadia, EdsPick2, Entertainment, Featured, Joburg, Music, Video | 15 comments

One Beautiful Day in the Name of Love – a Fan Vid of U2’s Joburg Concert

The U2 360 Tour SA was like a miracle drug. I spent night and day dreaming with tears in my eyes, thinking of that moment of surrender on 13 February 2011, Sunday bloody Sunday. We watched a wild Irish rose sing us the message of peace on earth, while the Edge played like an electrical storm, Adam fired us up in a bass trap and Larry injected rhythm deep in the heart sending us all into elevation. The show was magnificent enough to leave its audience feeling like they’re one step closer to ito okashi! We sang atop our voices in united colors as we had a celebration for one of the best bands on earth!

There are 17 song names in the above paragraph… Kudos to the awesome U2/Bono fan that can spot all of them! Comment below if you can see them!

If you’re still bathing in the afterglow of the U2 concert, here’s a little something we put together from the Johannesburg leg of the tour, where we interviewed several fans. If you see yourself in the vid, give us a shout! 😉 Enjoy!

An eccentrickHusky production
Presenter: Dhiya Bahadur
Editing by: Jashmir Bahadur


  1. Very nice video! Welll done!!

    • Thanks Alex. Were you at the show?

  2. Awesome vid! And some nice interview clips from the fans. Really great that you managed to get so far forward and had a vaguely decent vid cam with you. And a great job editing the clips too!

    • Hi again Aussie, we used a DSLR for the interviews and an Olympus point and shoot for the concert because we were told that the dslr would not be allowed in. When we got in, we noticed quite a few people who had managed to sneak in a dslr though!

  3. We’re loving the video Ark! Thank you for putting it up and for doing it under The BlaBla banner too!

    And please thank Dhiya and Jashmir for us as well – they both have great futures in their relevant positions in front of and behind the camera!

    • 🙂 Glad you guys like it! Blabla deserves to be placed in it, we loved the coverage you did of U2. It helped us be better prepared. 🙂 Yup, Jash and Dee are one talented brother and sister team. Dhiya is a dancer and actress and Jash hates being on cam but he is an excellent director, editor and he is just now getting to know special effects too. Check out his youtube channel–Lnodk .

    • Awe thanks Greg! It really was an absolute pleasure putting this together! Thank you for giving Ark the opportunity to cover this concert for BlaBla 😀 Looking forward to more crazy amazing shows!

  4. Brilliant work! Keep it up!

    • Thanks voted! 🙂 Who is your fav band member? I’m in love with the edge…(don’t tell Jash that).

  5. Anyone else notice how young Larry always looks?? Bono and the edge are also looking younger than they are! It’s only Adam that actually looks his age. They found the youth fountain I tell ya!

  6. Awesome vid – thanks guys!!! Great memories!!

  7. Love your work Arkadia – really good production.

  8. Hi, the guy that balances the beer on his nose in the beginning is me! Thanks for posting this vid, it looks great and is a wonderful reminder of a completely wicked event!

    • Rey! Bet when you stumbled upon the vid, you weren’t expecting to see yourself! haha. 🙂 Lovely lovely day and you provided some great comic relief for the crowd. We were exhausted from the camping and hungry for entertainment. Checked out your vid on youtube. Wow! lol! How many times have you injured yourself doing that??

      • It was a very happy stumble upon indeed! I’ve had a few close ones with knives, but the worst was breaking my foot with a marble top table that fell on it. The first clue should have been that it took two of us just to pick the table up.

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