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Posted by on Feb 1, 2010 in Voted | 2 comments

Next time, be on time

It must be the single most irritating thing. TIMEKEEPING. For flippin hells sakes people, when I say 6am I mean 6am.

The fact that I phoned you twice, two days ago, made sure the other 3 people were here on time, missed my early morning gym session, and was 15 minutes early, for our 6am meeting, just pisses me off. And to top it all off, it’s a freaking Monday you twat!

So, yes, I did phone your boss, and yes your arse is toast when you get back to the office. And just in case you have not noticed, it’s 8.15 am and you are still not here!!


  1. I agree with you in principle, but…

    Meeting, 6am, Monday morning and Joburg are not terms that are ever going to work well together. Why did you expect them to today?

    • Would you do 6am in joburg or 8 am??? It's a very important delivery that left Durbs yesterday, all they had to do was park the truck in the yard?

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