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Posted by on Jan 6, 2010 in BlaBla, Greg, Random | 1 comment

New Year, New Stuff, New Writers

Happeeee New Year, and all

Goodly new year greetings dear constant readers and fellow BlaBla-ers. Here’s hoping that 2010 brings with it all that you want, need, desire, hope and wish for. May you and those close to you be healthy, wealthy, safe and serene throughout the year ahead.

Stay with The BlaBla Blog (and invite your friends over too!) during this year, and we will continue to keep you informed, amused, in touch and entertained. As before, we are widely open to your thoughts, comments, criticisms, compliments and suggestions. Tack a comment onto any of our posts, or email us at if you want to keep things a little more private.

Remember to follow our feed on Twitter and join our Facebook Group as well. If you’re the sort who prefers to keep track of things via email notifications or by using your favourite RSS reader, we got those options up for you too.

New stuff and a mini-makeover

We’re planning a couple of new features and regular columns that will be introduced over the next few weeks:

  • Look out for the first of our “Doos du Jour / Dick of the Day” columns later this week. The DdJ/DotD post will highlight an individual that deserves ridicule and public derision for being stupid, a fool, an idiot, a wanker or just plain dumb. A doos* in other words. Feel free to nominate someone for this notable accolade by emailing us at – put “Doos/Dick Nomination” in the subject line.
  • Also on the cards for introduction in the near future are more regular polls to gauge our readers’ opinions on a variety of subjects. If you have any ideas for poll topics feel free to drop us a line using the usual channels.
  • We’re also planning a number of site look-and-feel changes over the next few weeks. We’ll introduce these gradually, so no major shocks from one day to the next, promise! The majority of the changes will be focussed on adding features, links and writer profiles.

* For our BlaBla readers unfamiliar with the term “doos”: Pronounced phonetically in tandem with “moor”, the term is an Afrikaans expression which, while literally translated as “box”, is used to describe an idiot, fool or simpleton. Someone who does or says something really stupid is told “Don’t be such a doos!”

New writers and writers’ profiles

Finally, it’ll be worthwhile to mention that we have two new writers’ that have joined us in recent weeks.

  • Firstly, there’s Orchid who joined the collective in early December. She describes herself thusly: I am busy purging my past on another blog but need somewhere to put my creative juices, am busy trying to write a series of children’s stories and thought this outlet would be a good place to get positive and negative criticism. I am a busy woman in a male dominated work environment as well as a single mom.
    Orchid covers the following writing areas:
    • Life/Personal/Journal
    • Art/Literature/Design
    • Relationships/Sex/Gender Issues
    • Families/Parenting/Children

    And then, (most excellent Wayne!!) we’re very pleased to welcome Stefanus Nel who joins our little cabal of writers today, Stefanus is maverick originator of the Blink Stefanus brand campaign and had this to say in his introduction to us: I’m a journalist/ freelance copywriter who started a brand called Blink Stefanus. My brand will be world famous within a couple of years and I will use my millions to send all the veiled chameleons in pet shops back home to Yemen.
    Stefanus will share posts in the Life/Personal/Journal category. Give him your support and let’s all help get those cute little chameleons home safely!

So there you go. Lots to look forward to as we head bravely and confidently into 2010. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride with us!

Oh, and a quick apology

It seems that late Monday and through half of yesterday the site was down, returning an “Account Suspended” error message. Turns out that our web hosts had issues getting the monthly debit orders for January processed what with public holidays and long weekends and stuff in between. A bit of a New Years’ party hangover if you ask me.

Our bills were/are paid, we promise. The error was entirely theirs. They marked themselves down to be our first DdJ recipients! Sorry if you got confused by it all – we sure did!

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  1. I own 2 BLINK STEFANUS T-SHIRTS, wonder if they will ever be worth lots and lots of DOLSH?

    I also have a pile of Blink stickers secretly finding there way onto unsuspecting objects…….

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