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Posted by on Mar 10, 2010 in Random | 0 comments

New Struggle Heroes

Will history repeat itself? Will a new struggle begin?

White South Africans are seeing themselves being more and more marginalised. More and more negative things are being said aloud and in public about whites and the relationship between black and white.

At what point do the whites in the country decide enough is enough, and take up a struggle for equality and freedom? I know this sounds a bit mad but I see things coming. I see new youth leaders rising up and saying enough with AA and BEE. Why am I still paying for my fathers debt? Why am I being judged by another mans actions? I see the past repeating itself. Not in a crusade for return to the racist apartheid days, but for a chance to enjoy freedom and equality as a Born Free South African.

How do we manage a campaign like that without it being perceived as a racist campaign? If a predominantly white group starts a campaign of such a nature they are bound to be called Apartheid Lovers, or be labelled as racists, yet if a predominantly black group is formed to promote black interests they are seen as heroes. How do we as young open minded white South Africans promote ourselves without being attacked by the obvious mouth pieces of party politics. How do we get this nation to stand together, look each other in the eyes and say “ All South Africans are equal” and more importantly, believe it. Should we write some “struggle songs” of our own? Maybe songs that sing of white equality and call for the killing of lazy people. We can call the first one “Maak dood die lygat ikhasi mense” then it does not refer directly to any one race or ethnic group, but rather a type of person. That should make it socially acceptable

Does it mean we need to Nationalise the mines and spread the value amongst the poorest. Does it mean we need to turn to a socialist state system for a period in order to balance the scales. Get all South Africans onto an even playing field? Must the haves give up what they have in order to boost the have not’s. At what point will the majority be satisfied with the balance. Do we need a forum were leaders lay down their expectations of the future South Africa. Lay the cards on the table so to speak. Are we mature enough as a country to handle such a debate, without stirring up emotions and creating more tension.

Who will lead this debate? Do we have the people yet, have we come far enough in the last 20 years to have created truly equal leaders. If so who are they, were are they? Are they coming through the ranks of the political parties? Are they participating in grass roots levels? Are these New Struggle Heroes out there making a difference yet not getting the credit or coverage they deserve. Is the coverage they need being given to others that are counter productive to the unique future our country still holds? So were are our New Struggle Heroes going to come from, from our kids, maybe.

If we stay positive about our country, if we keep our children believing in the “rainbow nation” then maybe, just maybe they will live the dream.

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