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Posted by on Sep 10, 2009 in Voted | 6 comments

New Merc SLS

Staying with my CAR theme for the week, here are some cool pics of the new Mercedes-Benz SLS sports cars.

These new cars are to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. Unfortunately I will not be able to be there to test drive one so these pics will have to do for now.

The car is billed as a replacement for the original “GULLWING” 300SL of the 1950’s. See all the images and write up here.Reblog this post [with Zemanta]


  1. Why on earth do you put a post like this up. You cause me to sin brother.

    Don't you know it's a commandment. "THou shalt not covert", especially "Thou shalt not covert they neighbours new car".

    But wow, how can we resist. It is a beauty.

    • Hot sexy mama she is, now don't touch, just ooooogle!

  2. wouldn't i like a piece of that. those butterfly doors that engine that is too powerful….. damn seductive

  3. ooooh – now I need a TON of chocolate to get over those pics!

    • Carefull, it's the chocolate, not the pants, that make the arse look big!


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