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Posted by on Apr 15, 2011 in Community, Featured | 5 comments

National Cleavage Day Alternatives

Twitter and the local blogosphere are awash with National Cleavage Day posts today.

Some on the internets though are upset by the supposed lack of attention that the original Wonderbra campaign focused on when they established the practiced in South Africa a number of years ago. The idea was to heighten awareness of breast cancer in the country, and to get women more aware of the importance of having regular breast examinations. They also, obviously, aimed to sell a lot more of their product by encouraging women to proudly show off their fine assets once a year.

And then there are those that miss the point of the day entirely and rant on about the blatant exploitation of women.

And then there are those (mostly female) that ask why we only have a National Cleavage Day that men get a thrill out of, and why we don’t have a day that they can spend perving.

To balance the playing field a little, I like to suggest a handful of NCD alternatives. (Although, technically, “alternatives” is not the right word here. “Additions” would be better.)

So, here’s the one we have at the moment…

National Cleavage Day


Aims to help raise breast cancer awareness


And then how about some of these…

National Great Guns Day


Focuses attention on supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation

National Abs Day


Aims to help raise awareness of the importance of exercise & general health

National Belly Button Day


Aims to help raise awareness of stomach cancer

National Butt Crack Day


To draw attention to the importance of regular prostrate exams & the risk of prostrate cancer

National Package Day


To raise awareness of the risk of testicular cancer

National Camel Toe Day


To raise awareness of…. Oh, who cares? Let’s just have one of these for fun!

Can you think of any others that you’d like to see? Which of these would you vote for if we can only have one more?

Image sources: Cleavage, Guns, Abs, Belly, Butt, Package, Camel


  1. I struggled to move past national cleavage day! we definitely need to keep that one. If I can have one more it would have to be butt crack day, but only if participation is limited to the ladies!!

  2. OooooohhH!!
    Can’t decide. You make it too hard. And no, that was no freudian slip!

    Def keep the Cleavage. And Butt one if, like Jo says, it only has female participants AND they all wear the outfit in your pic.

  3. Awesome idea! Not too sure about the camel toe though. National Package day definitely one for the ladies!!!

  4. Too much time on your hands, I do worry about you sometimes. The Package Day was rather a stroke (excuse me) of genius though.

  5. Participation in Buttcrack Day must be restricted to women who have figures like the one in your picture.

    Also, I volunteer to ‘screen’ applicants for Package Day. Introduced me to the guy in the picture and I’ll use him as the benchmark…

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