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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Advertising | 0 comments

Nando’s New Diversity Ad Highlights What’s Wrong With South Africa

Nando’s new Diversity advert highlights what’s wrong with South Africa at the moment, poking the consciousness of South Africans and our occasional xenophobic tendencies.

And again, the ad has touched sensitive nerves in the halls of the powers that be, with news surfacing just 3 days after its launch that the SABC have decided to ban the ad from broadcast due to its’ “possible xenophobic undertones”. Umm, I think that’s the point SABC. A touch of humour fail there perhaps?

The political correctness and overly-sensitive foolishness that emanates from Broadcast Park astounds me. You’d think the cash-strapped national broadcaster would be fairly keen to get a little bit of ad revenue into its’ empty coffers?

Love the subtle slapping of Zimboland near the beginning of the ad. Keep an eye on the shape of the hole in the border fence. Looks like the shape of Zimbabwe to me….. 🙂

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