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Posted by on Apr 26, 2010 in Random, South Africa | 2 comments

Name The Sediba Child & Win R100,000 in Education Funding

Update 02 June: The winner of the competition was announced 31 May. The Sediba Child will be named “Karabo” which is a Setswana word meaning “answer”. The winner is Omphemetse Keepile from St. Mary’s School in Johannesburg, who, in addition to the bursary prize, will go down in history as the Namer of the Sediba Child! More details and the motivation behind the name Karabo are here.

Hey man, what's your name?? Sediba Child needs a name.

Standard Bank is sponsoring the competition to name the Sediba Child and has put up R100,000 in education funds for the person suggesting the name that is adopted for the fossil remains of a young boy, known as only “Sediba Child” (“sediba” means natural spring or well in Sotho) that were recently discovered in a cave near the Cradle of Human Kind outside of Johannesburg.

If you’re a South African learner of 18 years or younger, you qualify to enter. You will need to come up with a name and motivate why the name you decided on is suitable for the Sediba Child.

The winning scholar will receive R75,000 towards their studies as well as R25,000 towards their school.

You can enter the competition:

Closing date for entries is 02 May 2010, so get cracking already!

Remember to check all the T&C’s before submitting your entry


  1. In the first place the earth is about 6000 years old and humans were there from the beginning, we didn't evolve, we were created. My 10 cents worth.

    • Exactly how do you get to "about 6000 years old"?

      The Theory of Creation is the lesser proven theory of the two when compared to the evidence in support of the Theory of Evolution. Both however remain theoretical by nature.

      One can exist with the other though.

      Why are Creationists so determined not to consider that a Higher Power of some sort created the seeds to begin the process of evolution? Why does it have to be a case of one or the other?

      My $1 worth.

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