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Posted by on Jan 25, 2010 in Random, StefanusNel, TheOnlyCin | 14 comments


I’m getting quite impossible to live with, the excitement of the wedding is just too much for me! Anyway, being a Boksburg wedding and all, I know my outfit will have to be the last word in elegance. I’ve started on my hat, don’t you think it’s posh? I’m hunting for turquoise gloves to match, but not having much success. My friend said she saw red ones at a shop called Adult World, she’s going to send me their address later.


  1. Would the edible ones count as “sout happies”?

    • Only if you HAP them…….ouch!

  2. The hat is looking lovely Cin.

    I'm a little concerned about your face though…

    • Too much sun I think BLA. The importance of sunscreen is always overlooked, just ask BAZ. I am lucky, my outfit is already sorted. The collar is just a little tight for me…..

  3. I've been tanning every day, I really want to look perfect and it's important that my complexion matches my hat and Crocs.

    • My son is also wearing red crocks!!!

    • Tanning. That explains it then.

      Oh, and for the gloves from Adult World – you should give Voted a shout to organise those for you. He & his Mrs. have an account there, and get frequent shopper points.

      • No problem, would you like them ribbed or glow in the dark? We also have a small, yet enviable, collectin of edible ones.

  4. You boys are being quite silly, who would want to eat gloves. Well I never! I am looking forward to visiting this new shopping venue, I like the fact that they sell Adult merchandise; I'll be so excited at the wedding that I may need to purchase some incontinence diapers (it's an age thing, you know). Do they sell support-hose there? I may as well go the whole hog and invest in some while I'm there.

    • It is not ADULT in size but ADULT in content….you know, NOT FOR KIDS!

  5. ROFLMAO!! So excited you need incontinence diapers!

    And we wonder why Stefanus' mother thinks this whole wedding thing is ridiculous 😀

    • She just does not understand real love now does she?

  6. Oh my giddy aunt! You mean it's one of those stores that sell appliances for DIY rumpy-pumpy? Good grief!

    • Yip, the stuff that makes your mom blush, and then smile, and then blush, and then smile!

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