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Posted by on Feb 3, 2010 in Technology, Voted | 4 comments

My new brain

Every now and then I have a brain transplant. You see using mine as often as I do sometimes it needs a service, or should we say upgrade. Now I have had a number of brains in my life, big ones, small ones, ones with flashy faces, ones with flappy faces. I even had one that could work underwater. Well they said it could and I proved them wrong.


The last one I had has lasted me the longest. A full two years. No insurance replacement or repairs. Sorry, it did need a new memory chip once, but that was a mid-term upgrade. It even learnt how to swim while I had it, and although it does run a little slower now, it is still working.

My N82, the monster of all cell phones. This thing just works and works and works. Drop it, kick it, tried to even loose it, but it just comes back and keeps working. Now it’s time for the replacement, and I have chosen the NEW big brother. The Nokia E72. This phone was released in June 2009, an upgrade on the E71, but South Africa have only just got them last week. I should get mine on Wednesday or Thursday. GOT IT TODAY!!!

A FULL HOUSE of features. More processing power than my first PC. A 5-mega pixel camera (same as the N82). VOIP. Number screening. Push email. And would you know, it even does MMS. I am going to have to get used to the QWERTY keyboard, but I am sure I will cope. It even comes with free navigation. Now, how can I swing the “Nokia comes with music” into this deal?


  1. This thing scares me! Where is the green button you press to say Hello?

    • I think it's more of a tool to help Voted take over the world and ensure that global domination will be his!

      I don't think it really is intended to use to make simple phone calls.

      • No phonecalls…..just surfing.

  2. It glows green when it rings……

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