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Posted by on Jul 30, 2009 in Music | 5 comments

My Musical Compatibility With God Is Low

Spent a little time just now investigating why my stream has not been updating lately. Turns out the tracking plug-in had been disabled for some reason. It’s all good now though.

Amusingly, while I was flitting around the site, I discovered that my musical compatibility with god was considered to be “very low”.

My compatibility with god is pretty low

Now I have prettied varied musical tastes, with a wide range of genres that I like to listen to. So, to find that god and I were so incompatible did come as a bit of a shock at first. Then I noticed the line of descriptive text in his “About Me” box (click the image to enlarge it), and I felt a lot better about things!

If you are a user it would be great if you would join my newly created BlaBla Blogs’ Visitors Group. I’d be interested to see if you and I are more compatible. If you aren’t a user, why the heck not? Go sign up for an account right now!


  1. Oh laaawwwdd,.. me and smalltown social education background. I am totally lost

  2. You need a picture?

  3. "Actually I'm a bit of an asshole"!! ROFL!! 😀


    Wonder what the real God would make of it?

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