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Posted by on Jun 16, 2009 in Random | 5 comments

My Brother Won A Car!

The Edge Chevy Lumina V8 Holy heck! Sometimes things just seem to go well for folks! My brother won the modified Edge Chevy Lumina V8 at the Finalists Draw held today on the last day of the Castrol Extreme Auto Show at the Coca-Cola Dome! With all the bells & whistles included, its’ valued at R650,000! Not bad for filling in an entry form…

Official handover and photographs and stuff scheduled for tomorrow, so once I have all the details, and some decent pictures, I’ll post them up here.

Damn, I’m jealous.


  1. Seriously? Wow, cool for him. The shit 🙂

  2. The J Man is KING of BOKSBURG this month! But FUCK i'm Jealous!

  3. I reckon his fame has reached well beyond the borders of Boksburg – probably reaching the Springs & Nigel regions by now! Not to mention the mega-rep points he has earned in the Eldorado neighbourhood, and significant portions of the Cape Flats too!

    (Yeah, yeah. Jealous I am as well.)

    • Funny how none of the websites carrying the competition have anything about the winner?

  4. G, did you get the pics I sent?

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