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Posted by on Feb 16, 2009 in Random | 1 comment

My Bloody Valentine

Some body is going to have a bloody Valentines' if he's not careful... My daughter received her first personal Valentine’s message from a boy in her school class this year. Her embarrassment was so acute (or should that be just "cute"?) that it took her two days to summon the courage to tell me about it. When she did, she was quick to note three crucial points for me:

  1. She doesn’t really like him "all that much anyway!"
  2. She didn’t really want a Valentine from any boy at all because she’s "too young for boyfriends and stuff like that".
  3. And could I believe that he "actually got his mom to help him write the note?!"

Oh the shock and horror of it all. Not her, me. And not about the Valentine, but about the price of double-barrelled shotguns these days.

1 Comment

  1. Every morning I make my kids tea and rusks, on valentines morning my little girl did not wan't to eat or drink, she said her tummy was in her throut, nerves like hell!! They had their first Valentines disco that day, complained when she got home that no-one danced with her, she danced alone, I said it's cause you dance better than them babe!!

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