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Posted by on Apr 11, 2010 in Current Events, Entertainment, Humour, South Africa | 8 comments

More Don’t Touch Me On My Studio Mixes

Is this possibly becoming South Africa’s first true internet meme I wonder.

By now you would have heard the story – if not, where have you been?! If you really are still in the dark, you may want to check out the video clip of the news broadcast that brought this all about.

In a nutshell: AWB Spokesperson André Visagie losses his rag during the recording of the eNews Channel programme Africa 360°. Upset that the second panellist Political Analyst Lebohang Pheko keeps interrupting him, he rips off his mike, and storms off the set. On his way out, he threatens people, the programme host Chris Maroleng steps in to defend the honour (and physical person probably) of his guest, and utters (repeatedly) the now globally famous phrase “Don’t touch me on my studio”.

We’ve already posted a couple of the resulting “remixes” in our original post here, including a video remix (‘Mo’s Circle Mix’) and the audio mix featuring MC Hammer. But there are a lot more out there. Sadly, many of them are really, really bad. Poor efforts at humour, poorly executed audio mixes, and some really pathetic video efforts too.

But fear not, dear BlaBlanians – we’ve done the work for you, and give you a collection of the best ‘Touch Me On My Studio’ mixes we could find.

First off a remix with a bit of a dub-step groove feel to it…

You Touch Me – The Dub Step Mix by claeskensmatteo

Then two excellent dance tracks with sampled vocals from the clip. They’ve been put together by Cape-based twin brothers Niel and Simon de la Rouviere:

Touch Me On My Studio (Niel Twindie remix) by Sparkyboy

Don’t touch me by Simon Segfault

And finally, a bit of a Visagie/Malema mashup set to a fairly funky backing track, put together by Yanga and Nota, and uploaded by Ventilation Kid:

Touch Me On My Studio (Visagie vs Malema Mix)


Laugh, the beloved country. Laugh!


  1. Very cool collection guys! Well done.

    Favourite is the Simon Segfault track – awesome track!

    The still picture that shows on the last vidoe is scary hey. They are nazi saluting a coffin at a funeral for goodness sake.

    • Thanks for the visit Ayetu1!

      I was wondering about the Nazi salute thing myself. It's only in the video clip a short while, and not near the beginning. Does anyone know how YouTube sets those stills? Or how/if it could be changed?

  2. Gotta love SA memes. Thanks for mentioning our tracks!



    • Hey Niel! The thanks are all yours actually!

      Awesome tracks both – thank you for sharing them and helping to put this odd slice of SA life that we can get down to!

  3. Hahaha!

    I couldn't stop laughing..Especially the way he says – "Do you know who I am?" 🙂

    At least it has becoming something to laugh about…

    • Hi Meghashyam & welcome to The BlaBla Blog!

      This whole story is pretty funny all round, and these mixes just add to the laughs. First time I listened to the Visagie vs. Malema mix was with earphones on. I was cackling so loudly that my daughter came from the other side of the house to check that I was okay.


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