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Posted by on Oct 26, 2009 in Entertainment, Humour | 7 comments

Monday you seem so fine

My list of things that made the weekend fun:

  • Friday night I had a ball looking at the faces of Johannesburg poppies hearing Nirvana for the first time. Walt really out did himself there.
  • Liesl Graham, dear friend and amazing vocalist. She is just the coolest person ever. I love going to her gigs, they are always so much fun.
  • Dave trying to dance.
  • Being able to sleep late on Saturday.
  • My version of Penne Napolitana. Yum.
  • Jawfest! The people, the music, the venue. People: from hard core rockers to indie loving groupies, music: unplugged, venue: someone’s garden. It is a music fest held in someone’s garden with camping sites and a beer garden. Earlier this year I went to my first one, and I was informed that it would be last one. But after a lot of begging on my part, the guys that started it all did it again this weekend. Loved it.
  • Paul E. Flynn.
  • My new motto: “Waking up bloodied, broken and bruised is the only way of making it” my edgier version of “anything worth having, is worth fighting for”

I am going into meetings for most of the day, launching an almost awesome website (it is only temporary), looking into prices for a t-shirt line, getting suppliers for accessories and cleaning up photos that I will be selling as prints.

Busy day, but seeing Dave “dance” has motivated me for the week.


  1. That dancing took years of self-appraisal in front of my shaving mirror and dedication to the art of seductive dancing to perfect. Frankly, I feel this article should not be consigned to a dubious category like, "Other/Random/Whatever" but to the more fitting Art/Expression/Dance Majesty category. Please see what you can do to correct this obvious oversight.

    Many thanks


    • But Dave! You really made my night with your 'dancing'! I loved it!

      And I promise you, that if Walt tried to dance, I would have said the same thing. You both are very special dancers! You both would look better in a mosh pit anyway…

      I will try to correct the categories, maybe put it into the 'Totally Awesome' category.

      I apologise for the category mistake but I stand by my judgement on your dancing. Said with all the love in the world.

  2. LMAO @ Dave, you are funny!

    I love Liesl too.

    • Dave is really funny, not a great dancer (by which I stand) though.

      Liesl is such a great SA talent, we could do with more of her!

  3. Would you accept either "Entertainment" or "Humour" Mr. Pearce?

    Anna – any image or video evidence available of this "seductive dancing" event by any chance?

    • Unfortunately there is no camera in this world advanced enough to capture the true essence of Dave's dance, that said I must admit that I too was busy dancing, with way more style, and could therefore not catch this once in a lifetime moment.

      It is a sad day indeed…oh well, I will be lurking in the shadows at the next gig hopefully I will catch it.

  4. Perhaps a few more years of creating new moves will help elevate me to the hallowed heights of John Travolta, although I know I am way tidier on a dance floor than him!

    I saw the looks the ladies were giving me; one was even overheard whispering about that "smooth operator" which could only have been a reference to me.

    It is indeed sad that people have responded out of obvious envy. I shall put that aside and rather invite said persons to my dance studio, for free dance lessons ranging from doing the mash potato right through to contemporary pole dancing. While I have hitherto before never actually pole danced, I am sure I could translate youtube images into reality for those amongst us who were born with two left feet.

    Once again, thank you for advertising my services and I look forward to dancing with you at the next Liesl Graham or Walt gig. I do charge when video recorded..

    Charge like a buffalo that is, not a shopkeeper.

    I continue to pray for you.


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