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Posted by on Sep 21, 2009 in Current Events, JoBra | 6 comments

Monday, Monday #4

Monday, 14 September 2009  |  Week #38  |  Day #118  | Days Remaining in 2009: 108

First off, a quick shout out to all my Muslim homies: Eid Mubarak boys! And to the Bagel Brothers: good Yom Tov and well over the coming fast. Peace to all of you.

Chuene Apologises

ASA President, Leonard Chuene, eventually came clean and admitted that he had lied to the public about the Caster Semenya affair. It turns out that the young lady did in fact undergo gender testing by the South African athletics body, before the World Championships in Berlin. And those tests suggested that the athlete should be withdrawn from the Championships in order to avoid embarrassing her and the Association.

Chuene decided to ignore the test reports, instead saying that she should go to Berlin, and then, once she had won the gold medal, he became the arrogant, belligerent idiot he now admits he was.

He had been one of the runner’s most vocal defenders, accusing her critics of racism and sexism as well as condemning foreign scientists as “stupid”. He also consistently denied that any gender tests had been carried out on her before the world athletics championships in Berlin last month.

In his apology for lying, he suggest that he had had “an error in judgement”. Errors in judgement happen once, Mr. Cheune. You then learn from the error, and do not repeat it 200 times over. The government (which initially support Chuene) is correct in calling for his immediate removal from office, his unqualified apology to Ms. Semenya for turning her into a political tool, and a complete ban on him holding any future public office position ever.

Wits Students Protest

Wits Universtiy logo Hundreds of Wits University students spent last week disrupting lectures, destroying exam papers, intimidating other students and blocking roads around the campus in a protest action designed to stop, or at least reduce, fee increases in 2010.

The action began on Monday with a relatively small group of students storming into classes and ordering students out. By mid-week the group had grown in size to a few hundred and the levels of intimidation had increased. Many non-protesting students actually began to question how many of the protesters were in fact registered Wits students, suggesting that the rabble-rousers had perhaps brought in “outside help” in an effort to bolster their numbers and increase the pressure on the university.

image The disgraceful manner in which these “students” conducted themselves, and the way in which they so blatantly and aggressively trod all over the rights of those not protesting to continue their studies undisturbed, leaves a bitter and foul taste in my mouth.

Protest with pleasure, it’s you constitutional right to do so. But, when you start infringing on my constitutional rights in your efforts, then I get unhappy. I’ll support you, but don’t mess with me.

Police and university authorities must take control and have these troublemakers arrested, tried and convicted. Show no mercy, in my opinion. And double the sentences of all those that cannot produce a valid, unforged, legitimate student card.

Sharpeville Anti-Crime Blitz

SAPS logo On the subject of the police: kudos to the cops who staged a huge an anti-crime blitz in and around the Vaal Triangle town of Sharpeville over this past weekend.

In total, 95 people were arrested the crime prevention operation. Inspector Aubrey Moopeloa is quoted as saying that “they were caught for business robbery, theft, assault, illegal gambling, drinking and being drunk in public.” (IOL)

Those last two are very pleasing to me personally. I’ve seen too many good friends and women especially suffer under the effects of the weekend binge drinkers. Alcohol seems to give many a false sense of right and aggressive behaviour by drunken fools in the streets is common.

The police also handed out a total of 86 traffic fines to motorists for various offences at the same time. Those arrested would appear in the Vereeniging Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

American Tourist Missing – Help Find Nicole! Her Intelligence

Missing American Tourist, Nicole Harris Concerns over the whereabouts and well-being of American tourist, Nicole Renaye Harris, continue to increase. The 24-year old arrived in the country on Tuesday, and then left for a drive to Cradock, in the Eastern Cape, in a hired silver VW Polo.

When she did not reach her destination, her friends filed a missing persons report. Unfortunately, the hired car could not be traced because it did not have a tracking device. (Something I think should be a standard in all rental vehicles, for exactly this reason- Ed.)

Police Inspector Elmarie van Eck said Saturday that the last contact anyone had had from Harris was when she called to say that she had “just passed a Bloemfontein sign. “So far we have no other leads, but we suspect she could be somewhere in the Western Cape,” said Van Eck.

Police also said that Harris suffers from low blood pressure. Anyone with information can contact Inspector van Eck on 082 301 8552.

Rapport newspaper yesterday also reported that the missing Americans’ South African friends had organised a search party for her in the areas where she was last thought to be. The article suggests that the tourist got lost, and stopped somewhere, without cell power, as her blood-sugar levels became so low that she could not continue driving. Her friend, Tex Wormall, can be reached by email:; telephone: 048 881 1363; fax: 048 881 1363; or cell: 083 305 9885.

Turns out that this entire story was a hoax. Apologies to anyone who was misled by my information. Please see the links in the Comments below for updated news articles.

Methodist Church Under Scrutiny

The Southern African Methodist group has urged authorities to do all in their power to bring the perpetrators of alleged sexual abuse at the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg to book.

The organisation said it was investigating allegations of sexual abuse at the church, and that they have been cooperating with authorities on the matter.

“We urge all the relevant authorities to urgently complete their investigation and to report their findings to the presiding bishop. The Methodist Church of Southern Africa is pledged to fully cooperate with these investigations,” the church’s Bongi Moyo-Bango said.

EWN revealed last week that women and children had been sexually abused while boys were being recruited to commit crime.

The church group confirmed this morning that the term of the bishop at the centre of the row, Paul Verryn, will conclude at the end of the year. This after discussion were held on a way forward for the church over the weekend.

That’s it good people. See you next week. No go find Nicole!
JoBra is out!


  1. I just read a Letterdash blog that said the American girl has been safe in the USA all along?

    • Here's a link to that story: If the suggestion that she never was in the country turns out to be true, then we shall be forced to call for her immediate banning from ever visiting our beautiful country ever in the future. If.

      • And in a related story, the emphasis that "police have not confirmed if she is safely in the United States."

  2. Bitch! Hope they lock her up for bringing our country into disrepute!

    • Agreed – must be some sort of anti-bullshit treaty in place between SA and USA to charge her with? Fekkin’ hell. And the Americans wonder why they have such a bad name? Here’s one of the reasons dudes!

  3. Cindy got it spot on. Started hearing the rumours about this being a hoax about an hour after I posted. Wasn’t anywhere near a pc to get a correction in – sorry. Guess I got as misled by this nonsense as many others.

    This chick needs to be publically shamed, and made to pay compensation to the country to make up for the lost manpower and resources that this crap caused.

    EWN posted this 90 minutes ago, basically confirming the rumours:

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