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Posted by on Sep 14, 2009 in JoBra, News | 3 comments

Monday, Monday #3

Monday, 14 September 2009  |  Week #38  |  Day #118  | Days Remaining in 2009: 108

Winston The Pigeon 1 – 0 Telkom ADSL

Homing PigeonOn Wednesday of last week, Winston, a trained homing pigeon, managed to deliver 4Gb of data (in the form of an SD card strapped to his leg) faster than the same amount of data could be delivered via a standard Telkom ADSL line.

In a much reported story, (see here, and here) Winston took a little more than 2 hours to deliver his data package. In the same time, just 4% of the data had been transferred via the ADSL line.

Sales of racing pigeons have grown phenomenally as a result.

Caster Is A Hermaphrodite. Maybe.

South Africa's Caster Semenya The Caster Semenya gender row continues. This past week, Australian media (of course!) were reporting through “informed sources” that the IAAF gender tests run on the South African 800m champion showed that the athlete had both male and female sexual organs.

It is claimed that she has an internal set of testes which create extremely high levels of testosterone in her body. It is these elevated testosterone levels that give her the edge on the track.

Whilst there is yet to be an official announcement of the test findings from the IAAF, I speculate that Ms. Semenya will be allowed to keep her medal, but that her record winning time will not be upheld. It’s also likely (should the findings be verified) that she may be excluded from future competition.

Double Amputee, Pistorius, Up For Assault

Oscar PistoriusIt’s reported this morning that South African double amputee athlete, Oscar Pistorius spent the night in jail after he was arrested on Saturday.

He was first arrested for assault after slamming a door on a woman but the police later changed the charge to common assault. According to his family and friends it was just an accident.

The “Blade Runner” will soon take over common folk-hero status from Chuck Norris and Vernon Koekemoer!

President Zuma Gives Protesting Soldiers A Warning

Pres. Jacob Zuma berated SANDF soldiers who took part in violent protests last month at the Union Buildings.  He said that they displayed “a lack of social responsibility when exercising one’s right to strike and protest”.

Adding that “the failure to respect the laws of the land, and the rights of others enshrined in the Constitution, points to a serious problem that we must urgently address as government, as we have done, through law enforcement.” (IOL)

He was talking at the Nedlac Summit on Saturday. He also suggested that employers and workers need to revisit their interactions and styles of collective bargaining.

Eskom CEO Under Friendly Fire of the national electricity supplier, Jacob Maroga, is under fire from internal sources after the Minister of Public Enterprises received a letter from senior Eskom staffers.

Minister Barbara Hogan received the letter last week. It contains allegations of gross mismanagement on the part of Maroga, and suggests that the CEO should be removed from office immediately.

This comes after Maroga acknowledged that he had been warned that a coal shortage would cause power issues in the early part of last year. It is estimated that the outages lost the South African economy over R50-billion.

The DA have made an official call for a judicial enquiry to investigate why Maroga ignored a series of confidential internal memos that showed Eskom’s internal practices were precipitating an energy crisis in South Africa, and to determine who else knew about them.

One of these memos, authored by a leading international expert on the subject, warned that “without intervention”, Eskom’s primary energy generation faced “collapse”, and would not be able to “meet current needs, much less future requirements”. This memo was delivered to Mr. Maroga just six months prior to the rolling blackouts that hit South Africa in early 2008. (PoliticsWeb)

Have a great week!
JoBra is out.


  1. Oscar might be in the dwang this time, wonder how his BOAT is doing?

    I also hear SMENYA had the edge cause she uses sealed ball bearings……

  2. The BLADERUNNER story has also been blown out of proportion, he slammed the door behined the girl and one of the planks fell of and hit her leg, an accident at most. More like mind the door doesn't slap you on the arse on your way out….

    • Yeah, Oscar is going to go out of his way to assault someone. Right. Not.

      Dumbass sensation-seeking tabloid media whores by the sounds of it…


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