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Posted by on Dec 21, 2009 in Current Events, JoBra | 1 comment

Monday, Monday

Monday, 21 December 2009 | Week #52  |  Day #355  | Days Remaining in 2009: 10

Mutterings Over Images Of Shaik. Again. And He Wants His Fucking Pardon!

The Department of Correctional Services has asked for a full report to be made into further allegations that convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik is in violation of his parole. This comes as opposition parties yesterday asked how much more evidence was needed before the government took action against Shaik. The supposedly "gravely ill" Shaik looked healthy in photographs of him carrying bread and magazines, and getting into his BMW X6, which were published in City Press. (IOL)

In the City Press article, Shaik is quoted spitting expletive-filled venom:

“Why should I even be asking for a pardon? If three people were part of a so-called plot to elicit funds from the French, why are the French free, why is the President free and why is Shaik still sitting as a convict? C’mon!

“Surely these are the kind of questions you should be asking rather than following me around and possibly getting fucked up when you do meet me, because I can take only so much. I’m not scared of going to jail. I’ve survived in jail, my friend, with the heads of 28 and the heads of 26 gangs.

“I’m not scared of going to jail as the DA thinks. Why the fuck doesn’t (DA leader Helen) Zille go to jail and see if she can handle a day or that other arsehole James Selfe, (the DA’s spokesperson on Correctional Services)?” (City Press)

Pleasant fellow is our Mr. Shaik. And he justifies his continued “house arrest” later suggesting that, as difficult as his life is, what with all the failing health issues and stuff, that it is giving him time to spend with his son: “It is depressing, but I must keep my head above water. I can’t just sit back and say I want to die now. I’ve got a son who looks forward to being with his dad.”

Way to be a role-model there Shabir. You definitely get my Dad of the Year nomination. Not!

DJ’s Tweet Upsets ANCYL

The ANC Youth League has called on TV presenter and radio personality Gareth Cliff to apologise for comments he made about Manto Tshabalala-Msimang shortly after her death (last) Wednesday. Cliff made the comments on social networking site Twitter.

He tweeted: "Manto is dead. Good. A selfish and wicked bungler of the lowest order. Rotten attitude and rancid livers – all 3 of them".

He received a number of complaints in response and the ANC Youth League’s Magdalene Moonsamy said it wanted him to say sorry. “You can’t be so blatantly ignorant about the nature of death,” she said. Cliff’s publicist Rina Broomberg said the ANCYL has yet to contact the personality. (EWN)

While the story has caused much controversy, I think that other than showing a monumental failing of taste and sensitivity, Cliff has no reason to apologise to anyone. In fact, I think the whole story is an equally monumental storm in a tea cup.

Respect for the dead is one thing, but to use her death as a justification to excuse, over-look or forget about the very well-stocked vegetable basket full of poor decisions, ill informed judgements and bad leadership she showed is not on.

The fact that so many people are seemingly all of a sudden blind to the uselessness that she displayed as the Minister of Health and now want us all to “celebrate her life as a hero of the struggle” sickens me. Ultimately, the Cliff Twitter issue is being used to muddy the water around her failings.

I extend my condolences to her family and her friends – and I say that in all sincerity. Losing a loved one is not easy under any circumstances. But, as many have learned, it seems that karma is truly a mean bitch.

Chunnel Tunnel Trains Get Parked Indefinitely

The only passenger rail link between Britain and the rest of Europe has been shut down indefinitely, Eurostar said, promising more travel misery for thousands of stranded passengers just before Christmas.

A Eurostar statement said the fleet was undergoing upgrades and that more tests were planned for Monday. But a spokeswoman said she could not guarantee that service would resume Tuesday. A statement posted to the company’s website urged passengers to delay their trips or seek refunds.

Services have been suspended since late Friday, when a series of glitches stranded five trains inside the Channel Tunnel and trapped more than 2 000 passengers for hours in stuffy and claustrophobic conditions. More than 55 000 passengers overall have been affected. (IOL)

The reports are that the “technical glitches” were caused by the trains moving from the extremely cold environment outside of the tunnel to the warmth inside the tunnels, with one suggestion being that condensation from the trains had triggered electrical faults.

I can think of nothing more horrific than being trapped in a tunnel, in a train, under the sea for hours on end. That’s a scary situation in my mind.

Ugandan Gays Face Life Or Death

The European parliament called on Ugandan authorities to scrap a controversial proposed law that would punish homosexuality with life in prison. The parliament called on the authorities "not to approve the bill and to review their laws so as to decriminalise homosexuality".

Observing that homosexuality is legal in only 13 African countries and a punishable offence in 38 others, the MEPs said the proposed Ugandan laws could have a domino effect on other nations "where persons are or could be persecuted because of their sexual orientation". The parliamentary statement also reminded Kampala of its obligations under international law and under the Cotonou Agreement, which calls for universal human rights to be respected.

Homosexuality is already a crime in Uganda and punishable by lengthy prison terms. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill would impose the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality", including by those who are HIV positive. The law changes would also criminalise any public discussion of homosexuality and could penalise an individual who knowingly rented property to a homosexual. (News24)

The proposed law even goes so far as to suggest that parents face three years imprisonment if they do not report to the authorities that their own child is involved in homosexual activity! And people wonder why Africa continues to be branded as a backwards continent?

Why do we continue to allow ourselves to be led by people who are ruled by fear of that which is different? I guarantee it that there are amongst these idiotic Ugandan lawmakers, ultra idiots who will be suggesting that homosexuality is an European concept introduced to the nation by white colonialists in an effort to undermine the sovereignty of the great nation of Uganda and an attempt to suppress Africans further.

Mind you, “idiots” is probably being too kind to them.

In Other News:

  • Actress Brittany Murphy Dies at 32:  US actress Brittany Murphy, who co-starred in such films as Clueless and Girl, Interrupted but saw her career wane in recent years, died in Los Angeles on Sunday after suffering cardiac arrest in her bathroom, officials said. She was 32. Murphy was pronounced dead at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre about 10am PST (1800 GMT), two hours after her mother reportedly found her unconscious in the shower of the actress’ Hollywood Hills home. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Coroner said there were no suspicious circumstances, but that an autopsy would take place in the next few days. Celebrity gossip website TMZ, which first broke the news, reported late on Sunday that there was "a significant amount of vomit" in the bathroom area. It said Murphy had been taking medications for ‘flu-like symptoms for several days, and that there were a lot of prescriptions in the house. (Star Tonight)
  • Brittany Killed By “Jacko Drugs” Claim:  Movie star Brittany Murphy was killed by prescription drugs just like Michael Jackson, pals feared last night. One said the 32-year-old beauty, who won acclaim for her performances in Clueless and 8 Mile, had become hooked on painkillers since having a series of plastic surgery ops.  They included Vicodin, which Jacko was known to abuse. She was reported to have been "unsteady on her feet" at the Hollywood premiere of her new movie Across The Hall, which opened in the US less than three weeks ago. (The Sun)
  • 80% Of Matrics May Fail Maths:  Over 80% of matriculants will fail maths exam paper 1 (algebra) if their grades aren’t adjusted. This is the opinion of Jurg Basson, a mathematics consultant and part-time maths lecturer at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). Basson, who’s seen the controversial exam paper, confirmed on Sunday the complaints of hundreds of grade 12s, subject teachers and moderators. Once the moderating process was completed, several moderators indicated an impending "crisis" with regard to maths results. A moderator in Mpumalanga, who prefered to remain anonymous, said candidates who aren’t very strong fared extremely poorly, and that there are some who achieved only 2 out of a possible 150 points for the paper. Basson says he was very disappointed by the exam paper. It was too difficult and not compiled according to the prescribed guidelines. According to the guidelines, there must be sufficient questions on levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. (News24)
  • Two Year Old Left In Car For Chocs & Smokes: The mother who allegedly left her two-year-old son in her car in scorching heat in Bloemfontein, while she went to buy "chocolates and cigarettes", is a nurse at a private hospital in the city. The 28-year-old woman issued a statement to police on Saturday from her house in the city. A complaint of child neglect is being investigated against her, while the incident will also be reported to social services. The police are urgently looking for a male witness who stated at the scene that she’d been gone for at least half an hour, while the little boy was apparently locked in the car while the temperature was 35 degrees Celsius. (News24)

Johannesburg Weather This Week

More wet than dry, but is looks like Christmas Day will be fine:

imageGet updated forecasts at BBC Weather Service – which is where this one comes from.

This is my last bulletin for the year – I am taking some time off between Christmas and New Year, but will be back in 2010 with much of the same.

Let me wish all readers and their families and friends a very happy holiday season whatever you are going to be celebrating. Be safe and secure, happy and healthy, and see you in 2010!

JoBra is gone….

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  1. Jo, you are a legend! Thanks for the great news posts these past few months. We're looking forward to seeing more of the same from you in 2010.

    Have an excellent holiday. Stay safe. Peace & love to you & yours!


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