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Posted by on Dec 14, 2009 in Current Events, JoBra | 2 comments

Monday, Monday

Monday, 14 December 2009 | Week #51  |  Day #348  | Days Remaining in 2009: 17

84 Injured In Church Stairwell Collapse

The collapse of a stairwell in a newly renovated church building left 84 worshippers injured in central Johannesburg. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God had just completed work on the building, which can accommodate 7500 congregants. There were about 5000 people in its main cathedral when the stairs fell onto worshippers sitting underneath them.

"We really have no idea what was the cause. It is a new building that is why we are so surprised," church spokeswoman Nametso Mofokeng told The Times. "People were sitting under the stairwell in the main cathedral. The stairs moved forward and down a little bit, and then they collapsed straight down."

The church employs a permanent building technician to check the safety of the building.

"It was declared safe for occupational use; that’s why we don’t understand what happened. Those stairs were very new. It is possible that the stairs were not looked at. We don’t know whose fault it is, so we are not sure about the liability," said Mofokeng. (Times Live)

As one cynic suggested, sometimes it pays to be agnostic…

Drunk Driving Blitz Across The Nation

Party-goers thinking of getting behind the wheel after a few drinks this holiday season must "change their mindset".

Transport Minister Sbu Ndebele yesterday said the police will set up hundreds of roadblocks across the country and "will stop and check no less than 1million vehicles and drivers" this month and next".

What drunk drivers can expect:

  • If the police apprehend you and find you to be over the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.05mg per 100ml of blood, you do not have an option of paying a fine;
  • You will be arrested and taken to a police station where you will be booked and locked up in a holding cell;
  • You will be charged once you have sobered;
  • The maximum punishment for drinking and driving is a R120000 fine and/or six years’ imprisonment;
  • The criminal record you have acquired will make it difficult for you to emigrate or travel on holiday to countries that do not grant visas to convicts; and
  • Driving licences might be suspended. (Times Live)

So, you have been warned! Dudes don’t let their mates drive drunk! Designate a driver BEFORE the party, and if it’s you, stick to the task!

Discipline Cronin Says ANCYL (We Think)

South African Communist Party deputy general secretary Jeremy Cronin and other ANC NEC members connected to the Communist Party should undergo disciplinary action, the ANCYL Gauteng branch said on Sunday.

"We call upon the ANC leadership to subject the ANC NEC members, viz Gwede Mantashe, Blade Nzimande, Jeremy Cronin to be herald (sic) before the disciplinary action in light of their collective behaviour at their Special Conference," said ANC Youth League provincial secretary Thabo Kupa in a statement. "This call is due to the conduct and behaviour which is foreign to the alliance."

Kupa’s comments were contained in a statement released on Sunday and which recorded the comments of various provincial branches of the ANCYL. (IOL)

They are all fools, the lot of them. Stop with the mindless nonsense, invest in a spell checker, and get over yourselves already! Either that, or stick to press releases in Pedi. That way no will know that you are complete idiots all the time, just those 3 people who want to read things in Pedi.

And in a related story….

Malema SMS’s Cronin. Or Does He?

SA Communist Party deputy general secretary Jeremy Cronin said on Sunday he finds it hard to believe that threatening SMSes he’s received are from ANCYL leader Julius Malema.

"I can’t actually believe they are from Julius Malema but they are signed ‘Julius Malema’. I find it hard to believe that he would send [them]," the SABC quoted Cronin as saying.

City Press reported on Sunday that Malema had sent a threatening SMS to Cronin following the former’s embarrassing appearance at the SACP conference.

"If you thought you have taught me a lesson, wait until you see what is coming your direction," Malema reportedly texted Cronin after he was booed at the SACP’s conference in Polokwane. City Press reported that several leaders within the ANC and SACP have confirmed the SMS. Cronin would not confirm the SMS to the paper and would only describe Malema’s language as "rather loose…I ignore that kind of thing".

The ANCYL could not be reached for comment. (News24)

The ANCYL probably could not be reached for comment because they were too busy misspelling badly worded press statements. Got to love an “alliance” that hates each other, right? Opposition parties must be laughing into their Sunday Chardonnays with unrestrained glee at this spate. Malema would be crying into his hot chocolate, if he were intelligent enough.

Five Arrested With ‘Racist’ Literature

After fighting and laying charges against each other, five members of a right-wing group called the Jessurum Brotherhood were arrested in the Boland area of Western Cape.

Hawks spokesman Musa Zondi said the police found "racist literature" on the brotherhood members and they refused to be touched or questioned, or accept food from black officers.

"They believe black people come from the devil and are therefore evil," he said, adding that the police were investigating the "cult". The five were charged with attempted murder, serious assault and the possession of illegal firearms. They were released on bail on Friday. (Times Live)

A “racist cult”? Whatever will they think of next? Oh South Africa. Two steps forward, one step back.

Next thing we know, Tiger Woods will be branded a racist because all of his off-course play has been with white women, it seems. Black girls not good enough for you, hey Tiger-man?? Damn racist!

Accenture Ends Tiger Woods Sponsorship Deal

The giant management consultancy firm Accenture has ended its sponsorship of Tiger Woods, saying the golfer is "no longer the right representative". Woods has been engulfed in a media storm since a disturbance outside his house two weeks ago. He has since admitted being unfaithful to his wife. Woods is taking an indefinite break from golf to try to save his marriage.

Accenture is the second sponsor to react to the news. Gillette has already said it would cut back Woods’ role. Among his other sponsors, the US phone firm AT&T has said it is "presently evaluating our ongoing relationship" with Woods, but his main sponsor Nike said it was standing firm and offered him its "full support".

Until the scandal broke, Woods was one of the biggest targets for global corporations. Links with an array of brands – also including Electronic Arts video games, Gatorade drinks, and Tag Heuer watches – have helped him amass a fortune.  (BBC News)

Go quietly Tiger. Take the money you have – vast amounts of it it seems – give 75% to the (I reckon) soon to be ex-Mrs. Woods, and run away with the rest. You’ve done enough, won enough, and bonked enough to last a lifetime! Go retire somewhere quiet. Heck, come to South Africa. We may even be able to hook you up with a lovely local who isn’t blonde and pale-skinned!

Joburg Weather This Week

image (BBC Weather)

Looks like a continuation of last weeks’ crappy, pissy, wet weather to start and end the week. Sorry about that. Happy holiday on Wednesday – at least that looks a little sunnier.
Jo is gone!


  1. Thanks JO!

  2. Good stuff JoBra!

    I second the suggestion for Tiger to go quietly.

    And the roadblock warning for drivers definitely needs to be taken seriously – got stopped at the exit from OR Tambo last night after being collected from our flight. Coppers stopping everyone doing pickups from Domestic Arrivals, and checking licence disks on the car, drivers' licenses and stuff in the boot of the car too.

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