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Posted by on Nov 30, 2009 in Current Events, JoBra | 8 comments

Monday, Monday

Monday, 30 November 2009  |  Week #49  |  Day #334  | Days Remaining in 2009: 31

Simelane Appointment Heads To Court

The DA is gearing up to launch a legal challenge to President Jacob Zuma’s appointment of the "totally unfit" advocate Menzi Simelane as national director of public prosecutions. Addressing the DA’s KwaZulu-Natal provincial congress at Shakaskraal, north of Durban, DA leader Helen Zille said Simelane – "the classic deployed cadre" – had only been appointed to ensure the case against Zuma was not re-opened.

She said that while the appointment was a presidential prerogative, the DA believed Simelane’s abuse of power while he was director-general of the Department of Justice made it clear he was "unfit for public office". (Times Live)

And in a related story…

Simelane Faces Possible Disbarment

Less than a week after his appointment, the Pretoria Bar council will hear an application by a senior advocate why prosecutions boss Menzi Simelane should be disbarred. The Mail & Guardian can reveal that senior counsel Pat Ellis will on Tuesday submit an official complaint against Simelane at a meeting of the Pretoria Bar council following Simelane’s controversial testimony before the Ginwala inquiry last year.

Ellis told the M&G on Thursday that the gravity of Ginwala’s findings against Simelane and the fact that the Public Service Commission (PSC) has not released its report into allegations against him have prompted him to officially charge Simelane.

“I will table a memorandum before the Pretoria Bar council on Tuesday and they will have to take it from there. The Bar council will then decide whether to investigate Simelane and if so, what form the investigation will take.” (Mail & Guardian)

So we could have a situation soon where the head of the National Prosecutions Authority will not be legally permitted to practice law. And if he goes because of this, he’ll probably get a multi-million Rand settlement as well. Idiots in office I tell you. Idiots!

Wrong Operation Costs Toddler Her Legs

A two-year-old girl who was admitted to a Johannesburg hospital for burn marks on her hands landed up having both legs amputated, the Gauteng department of health and social development said on Sunday.

"The toddler…was admitted at Far East Rand Hospital and later transferred to Charlotte Maxeke Academic hospital to be treated for burns on her hands. Instead she ended up with her legs being amputated, " said departmental spokesperson Mandla Sidu in a statement. He said the Gauteng Health MEC has called a meeting for Monday with hospital personnel about the incident of negligence to which Thembisa Kometsi from Daveyton was victim.

"Those found to be guilty of negligence…disciplinary action will taken against them which may lead to dismissal," said Mahlangu. (Times Live & IOL)

“… may lead to dismissal”??!! What the hell? They need to be charged with child neglect, abuse, grievous bodily harm, assault, etc. They need to go to jail. Their superiors need to be charged too. And the Ministry of Health at both provincial and national levels needs to take responsibility for this disgrace. Resign now, you useless fools! Resign and apologise.

Petrol Price Hike Set For Wednesday

Motorists, who will pay 27c a litre more for petrol from Wednesday, may not face further increases at the start of next year – provided the rand remains around its present levels. Josina Oliphant, a commodity analyst at RMB, said it was difficult to predict a price because of volatility in the rand’s exchange rate. But she said there were signs that commodity prices could be "stabilising".

Motorists in Gauteng, who are now paying R7.65 a litre, will pay R7.92 from Wednesday. Domestic petrol prices are based on the international prices of a basket of oil products and the rand-dollar exchange rate. And this month’s price generated an underrecovery, prompting the hike announced by the Department of Energy on Friday. (Business Report)

So it is going to cost you a little more to do the zoom-zoom thing for the holidays. Another well planned, well timed economic intervention to go with the “let’s spend lots of money this festive season to aid the countries’ economic recovery” approach. Right. Take the taxi sir.

Medical Waste Dumped At Free State Brick Factory

The Department of Environmental Affairs has warned it "will leave no stone unturned" after the Green Scorpions unearthed the biggest illegal medical waste dumping site in the Free State on Friday. The department has initiated a criminal investigation into the country’s second-largest medical waste management company, Wasteman, after simultaneous raids on three of the company’s premises revealed "several non-compliances" with a number of provisions in the National Environmental Management Waste Act.

Albi Modise, the spokesman for the Department of Environmental Affairs, said yesterday: "The investigation has uncovered that hundreds of tons of waste are rather being taken from the two facilities in KZN and North West to the Maximus Bricks site, to be illegally buried. An urgent decision will now be taken as to the enforcement action required in relation to the two treatment and disposal facilities belonging to Wasteman, based on these contraventions," said Modise.

The maximum penalty for illegally dumping medical waste is R10-million or 10 years in prison, or both. (IOL)

I purposely left out the info about the body parts and other “anatomical waste” that has been found, but I still feel sick to my stomach.

In The Sports News:

The Proteas Bloom & Then Wilt: After being resoundingly thumped at Newlands on Friday, England stormed back in the fourth MTN one-day international (ODI) at St George’s Park on Sunday to beat South Africa by seven wickets with 112 balls to spare. They lead the series 2-1, with one match to go. (IOL) I was actually depressed watching South Africa at bat. Depressed! Me? It’s not healthy. Mind you, I’m not going near a hospital for treatment. Might land up having a full frontal lobotomy performed on me.

The Boks Get Paddy Wacked: When Victor Matfield realised at the second lineout of the match that Irish lock, Paul O’Connell, was counting with him in Afrikaans, he could not believe it. And, he admits, it had the Springboks baffled for a while. "It was a bad day for us. This was the worst lineout contest I have ever had in my life," said Matfield after one of the Boks poorest performances to date in the lineouts, and the subsequent 10-15 loss to Ireland in the fog of Croke Park. (Sport24) Change the calls to Xhoisan! Thank goodness it was the last match of the year – I don’t think I could have avoided therapy much longer. And that has it’s concerns – see above.

Woods Drives In The Rough: Golf star Tiger Woods on Sunday accepted full responsibility for the car accident that took place outside his Florida home, but said he wanted to keep the details surrounding the incident private. The world’s top golfer hit a fire hydrant and tree as he pulled his Cadillac Escalade out of the driveway of his house at around 2.25am on Friday, the Florida Highway Patrol said. (IOL) Seems that a tiff with the wife and a couple of beverages of an alcoholic variety may have had some influence on Woods’ ability to read the roadway as he teed off. Maybe he was watching the Boks as well?

Joburg Weather This Week:

It’s looking like it is going to be a little damp around Jozi this week…


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Jo is gone…!


  1. Tiger, Tiger……..

    • Am hearing stories that the argument with the wife was triggered by suggestions that he was playing the “fair”ways on a course that he is not a member of. A course where the grass is more blonde than green…

  2. That poor little girl. What she & her famoly must be going thru. I hope they also punish the surgeon. Shurely he must have been aware that he was about to amputate 2 perfectly fine legs??

    • Agreed Gallpop. Surely someone in that operating theatre should have been concious enough to have realised that the childs’ legs actually looked fine. Disgusting. I say fire the lot of them, and have the entire shambolic lot and their bosses charged for malpractice and criminal neglect.

  3. Jo, love your headline for the little Springboks story.

    Paddy whacked indeed! 😀

    • Thank my 6-year old niece. She was singing "This Old man" all damn weekend for some reason. Drove me nuts!

  4. Okay time for a qucik update on the Toddler Amputee story.

    More info to hand now indicates that this was not one of those horror "wrong operation" stories. The little girls legs were amputated as a result of serious gangrene and infection that had spread throughout them. The amputation was required in order to save her life.

    Sorry if the story source I posted from orginally was a little dated and lacking in the full facts.

    Questions are still being asked though of the quality and care that the child received. She arrived at hospital for treatment to serious burns on her hands and left without her legs. There is suggestion from the hospital that "clinical complications" occurred and that the subsequent amputations were unavoidable.

    Provincial MEC for Health has called for an independent investigation. How independent this is remains to be seen. I will monitor the story and update as available.

  5. As I understand it; the sepsis in her legs was a direct cause of lack of treatment of the burns on her hands. It's a bloody crying shame.

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