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Posted by on May 30, 2011 in Featured, Humour | 2 comments

Monday Mirth: Women and Shopping


Acceptable. Acceptable. Unacceptable apparently.

The Dog House Diaries capture a situation that I (as a man) have never been able to understand. In the same way, I could never quite figure out why, when there’s a 50% sale price on a garment, women feel the need to buy two of the items on sale. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of saving money on sale goods?


  1. u r still missing the point. It is acceptable to have a cheap purse if you have expensive shoes or vice versa as that is savvy shopping. But cheap shoes and a cheap purse is just well…. cheap. Hope that cleared things up for you.xx

  2. In my bitch fab world all three scenarios are BIG NO NO NO NO.

    Cheap are never acceptable. Ever. And why would anyone buy a cheap handbag? Makes no sense to me.

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