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Posted by on Nov 1, 2010 in Featured, Humour, Random | 6 comments

Monday (De) Motivational Poster

A new week, a new outlook on life. Here is Dr. Phil with this weeks’ motivational message.

Dr Phil Demotivational

Now go out there and make it a memorable Monday!



  1. Ahhhhh. That is so mean. Funny, but mean.

  2. Yeah Rachel, Dr. Phil is like that. Funny but mean. Blame Oprah.

  3. Honey, do these jeans make me look fat?

    No, it’s all the chocolate you eat that makes you look fat……

    • Lol. It’s what the world needs now. A little more honesty.

  4. Where’s the ‘Like’ button gone ???

    • It was there. You clicked it. It says you Like this. You really this.

      (The site – and a couple of others I look after – was behaving very irrationally today for reasons as yet unknown. Perhaps there was a problem somewhere. A glitch in the matrix.)

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