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Posted by on Jan 7, 2010 in Current Events, Voted | 4 comments

Matric Results Vs. General Results

The 2009 School year Matric Results are out. The kids of today have done worse than the kids of yesterday…

A “nearly 2%” reduction in pass rate is what the Basic Education minister had to report this morning. My question is how does that compare to the overall pass rate of all the other Grades 1-12?

Are people in Matric just because administrators are making space for new learners? Are kids being promoted to higher grades when they are actually unprepared or unable to cope?

If 40% of ALL the kids failed during the year we would have a massive backlog of students. How can so many PASSING students suddenly become FAILURES? What are the factors that turn these students into jabbering idiots? Is the pressure of writing too much for the emotionally immature youth? Have they been so sheltered all their lives that now suddenly they can not deal with a little pressure?

Maybe the system of final exams is not the answer. Maybe we should be assessing the kids during the year and not write exams at the end of the year. Maybe all the CRAMMING on all 8 subjects with more than 2 exams per subject is just too much for the kids of SA. Force feeding so much information into your brain at once surely does not work?

I say the system is to blame and not the individual kid, after all no one WANTS to be a FAILURE?

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  1. [This is going to be a long comment – I was busy with a post on the subject when Voted made his post]

    You're right to a point Voted – the system is partly to blame.

    OBE was introduced into South African schools at the same time as many other nations where it had been tried and seen to be ineffective were busy replacing it.

    It is a failed system that continues to be beaten like a dead horse by the SA government because there are those still in power that vouched for it, secured lucrative materials development contracts to implement it, and are now too hard-arsed and stubborn to admit that they were stupid and irresponsible to implement it in the first place.

    FFS, any system of education that says a 33% knowledge requirement of any (already low level) subject matter is enough to class someone as being "competent" is a joke. And am embarrassment.

    The entire administrative and political leadership responsible for the education of our countries' future need to hang their collectively pathetic heads in utter shame and resign immediately. As penance they should be reallocated into rural teaching posts – not as heads of anything, but as classroom teachers. Let them see first hand the results of their foolish pride.

    In addition to the poor system though, there is also a lack of enthusiasm from teachers in general, and they are very poorly trained and prepared for teaching in the first place.

    Parents should carry a lump of the blame-load too. Many give up their responsibilities as parents and go through life saying "the school must educate my children, it is their job."

    What a crock of crap that is. They're your rug rats! Take some responsibility for their discipline and upbringing. Or, if you're not prepared to do that little bit, how about trying to keep your frikkin' legs closed and your dick in your pants? That would show a little bit of education.

    And of course, the students' themselves must also take a share of the blame for the poor results. While a 60.7% pass rate is nothing to be impressed by, it does suggest that 2 out of 3 students writing matric are able to pass, regardless of those old worn chestnuts "poverty" and "lack of resources". If they can, why can't the others?

    Damn lazy little tossers is why.

    Time aplenty to drink, drug and party. Effort enough to ensure the fancy clothes, newest music and latest mobile phones are in place. These are the fools who hold people like Juju "Woodwork was my major" Malema in high esteem, and see the gansta-rapper-my-niggah approach to life as the solution to their future.

    They are doomed to fail before they even start.

    • YO GO BOY!

      I VOTED! against the current system that educates my child, yet I am part of the school body to make sure the people put in charge are, firstly, capable and secondly do what they are paid for. More parents should get involved withe the "PTA" or "School Governing Body" to ensure the school does what it is supposed to.

  2. SA public school education is a joke. agree with Bla. The disgraced educators must step aside, apologise and go away. They are the reason that things are so bad now. Why cant gov schools do things the same way private schools do. There is no discipline amongst the kids and they do whatever they want at the schools. The teachers either don't care anymore or are to scared to do anything about them. And you can't blame the teachers for that.

    • My daughter goes to a government school (ex model c i am sure) and it is a BRILLIANT institution. They have electronic white boards, linked to laptops, teachers are fantastic, principle is a chick on a mission. Some private schools would do well to match. It is all possible with the right attitude and envolvement!

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