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Posted by on Feb 25, 2010 in People | 12 comments

Spawn of Hitler / Love-Child of Mugabe

Julius Malema, president of the ANC Youth League, has been likened to Adolf Hitler by the Western Cape provincial secretary of the SA Communist Party.

IOL is quoting Khaya Magaxa as saying “Malema as a right-wing chauvinist demagogue like Hitler makes noise appealing to the emotions of ordinary poor people in order to advance the agenda to loot state resources in a very poor province and poor municipalities in Limpopo”.

It is troubling (or at least it should be to the multitude of South African electorate who support the ANC) that the tri-partite alliance is showing growing signs of collapse and yet there is still no evidence of concern (or even interest) in the problem on the part of President Zuma and the rest of the ANC leadership.

As the comparisons of Julius Malema to others continues – I heard someone refer to him as “the ultimate commie-capitalist con artist” last night! – I am also reminded of a post made by Greg last year that illustrated the similarities between Malema and Mugabe.

The post, entitled Were Mugabe & Malema Separated At Birth? is definitely worth a read right now.


  1. Keep your eyes on Vavi……he will make a move soon.

    • That is exactly what I am saying.

      Vavi speaks out against the ANC, the ANC shout him down, the YL call him names, the SACP call the ANCYL leader names, they get all excited about the commies and start their own little bit of mud-slinging (left-wing radicals that leak secert information to the media, etc.)

      It is all becoming one big joke this so-called Alliance, and the regular use of the words "Alliance partners" by especially the government. You would think that they'd have seen enough episodes of Survivor to know better than to rely on your alliance partners.

      I agree with you – Cosatu are getting to the point of enough is enough. I just wonder if the Communists will get there even quicker than them?

  2. U can keep the eyes on Vavi, but HANDS OFF JUJU! Hands off our next president of Msanzi, hands off

    • ARE YOU SMOKING THE GOOD STUFF? Prez of Msanzi? Shew! Atleast then he cannot run for prez of South Africa.

      • I actually would encourage you to let these Juju luving sheep carry on Voted. It is there narrow minded approach to and racialisation of everything that will be their own downfall. They dig their own grave.

        The ANCYL is an insult to the noble tenents of the parties elder statesmen (Mandela, Sisulu, etc.) It is a growing joke amongst urban Africans. Their "strength" remains in the uneducated rural populance, and that to will change if they continue to embarrass themseves and be caught in the lies of their own making as is happening now.

  3. We will change the name given this land of ours by the colonials. We will have Malema as Pres of Msanzi. THe Republic of Msanzi will be born by man who is Malema.

  4. You white racists must be aware of the power that Malema has in the youth. He is well supported by the future rulers of the nation. you must stay alert for your end is coming.

    • Who said we were white?

  5. The only racist to comment so far is Juju-luvr, the worst kind of racist are people like him/her whatever.

    • Quite right Wayne. Juju-boy-lover is clearly confused. What he beleives is that (as Voted suggests) we are all whities here. What he does not realise is that this has nothing to do with colour but everything to do with integrity, moral leadership and competence. None of which I feel are in evidence in Mr. Malema.

      Not that is of any relvance but for the record: I am a mixed-race South African. ("Coloured" makes me sound like a cartoon) According to my girlfriend, I got my good looks and hair from my white mother, and my above-average sized penis from my black father.

      Now you know.

  6. Juju-lvr – some further reading for you to consider in your narrow-minded blind belief in Malema and all he says, and more evidence that he does not speak for all black South Africans.

    This article ("Malema a monster the ANC can no longer control") has been written by a Zulu leader who also happens to be a former member of the ANC Youth Leader:

    Read, learn and OPEN YOUR EYES Juju lovers of the world!

  7. JoBra, I do believe I fall in the category of being a white. So obviously now I am jealous of your black equipment! Best we forget the juju nonsense and concentrate on the important stuff. :}


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