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Posted by on Jun 17, 2009 in Random | 2 comments

Malema: Say What?

Need some help here.

He said it was not Zuma’s priority to talk about what was likely to happen at the end of his first five years in office.

“President Zuma knows that the people of South Africa love him. We don’t need anybody to tell us what must happen to Zuma. The future of Zuma is in our hands.

“Nobody will ever decide what must happen to Zuma,” Malema said.

“We know that the time will come for us to decide what will happen. The reason why people want succession is because they are running out of issues.

“Their issue has always been Zuma must be president, you are now president … They don’t know what to talk about now,” he said.

Source: The Times Online

What exactly is Mr. Malema suggesting with this statement? I don’t get it.

Is Mr. Malema the presidents’ spokesperson now? (“…He said it was not Zuma’s priority to talk about…”)

Is he implying that “the successionists” have lost focus on “the issues”?

Is he perhaps suggesting that President Zuma is their (the ANCYL) puppet: “the future of Zuma is in our hands”?

Or maybe he’s suggesting that Pres. Zuma has now had his moment of glory and in 5 years time he’ll be replaced by someone else? Could he be sowing seeds for a push at a Malema presidential run in 2014 I wonder?


  1. Yo G!!

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    Very Impresive, well done Bro!!

  2. Well swell of you to say so, Bro!

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