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Posted by on Oct 24, 2008 in Random | 4 comments

Malema Really Made The Grade – Not!

Okay, so the "liberal, racist media" have the audacity to publish young Julius Malema’s matric results. What a bunch of bad people they are. Hell, what next in the press? Truth? Information?

I read with interest, and a mild dose of amusement too, that the President of the African National Congress’ Youth League (ANCYL) managed to secure a solid G grade for woodwork, and a heroic H for mathematics – both on the standard grade. Admittedly, these are his two lowest grades. According to the Star report, Malema obtained E’s in Sepedi HG (higher grade) and second-language Afrikaans HG, an F in Geography HG, a D in History SG and a C in second language English HG.

His high grade for English clearly works in his favour when he utters his pearls of wisdom in such a way as to be completely misunderstood and misquoted:

An unrepentant ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has come out guns blazing in defence of his “prepared to take up arms and kill for Zuma” statement.

Addressing the media yesterday at Luthuli House in Johannesburg, Malema said his infamous statement was blown out of proportion with the intention of destroying him and the league.

“We never called on anyone to take up arms and kill,” Malema said in a complete about-turn on previously repeated statements including those made during a live radio broadcast.*

And let’s note that the other (supposedly) separate group of our future leaders, the Young Communists League, felt it necessary to come to his defence, saying in a statement that "(the) YCL is concerned (about) the continued venomous and systematic attacks directed against ANC Youth League president Julius Malema."

What really horrifies me is that with these grades, and his reported admission that he failed Standards 8 and 9, he has still been accepted by Unisa to sit for a law degree. What the heck happened to entrance standards to higher education institutions? He failed the earlier grades because of his then "excitement at joining the Congress of South African Students."

On a semi-related point, one must also wonder if the Treasurer and sundry accountants of the ANCYL managed much better maths and economics grades than did Mr. Malema. Or are the reports of R14-million of unpaid League debts and shady deals another fabrication of that nasty and evil bunch of lying press swine?

Figures attached to a September report prepared by league treasurer Pule Mabe reflected a total of more than R14-million owed to creditors who supplied goods and services for functions, including the league’s national congress in April and its rerun in June.

A separate report prepared early this month by Lembede chief executive Lonwabo Sambudla shows how multimillion-rand deals involving Lembede companies often benefited prominent individuals within the league — which helps to explain, perhaps, the Porsche-and-patio lifestyle with which they have come to be associated.


  1. love that you added this post to your 'Humour' category 😀

    we are going to be in serious trouble if these guys ever get into powwer

  2. u r so boring with this nonsense. rite about stuff u know about. u know nothing about this.

  3. Hi X.

    Thanks for the comment, and for sharing your opinion – you are free to express it here.

    That said though, whilst we may not know much about Mr. Malema directly, we do know poor results when we see them.



  4. Vijay

    Thanks to for your comment. Must agree with the sentiment of concern you express.


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