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Posted by on Aug 31, 2009 in Random | 5 comments

Malema Back In Court – Updated

BlaBla News Breaker ButtonJulius Malema was in back in the Equality Court again today, facing the charges brought against him by the Sonke Gender Justice Network.

Eye Witness News captures the contempt that the man has for anything that he feels fit to disagree with: “The politician [Malema] was sitting alongside his lawyer and at one point nearly nodded off during arguments.

This Just In (@14:50)
Julius Malema has failed in his bid to have the hate speech complaint against him thrown out of court. Johannesburg Equality Court magistrate Colleen Collis this afternoon found that the Sonke Gender Justice Network had established a prima facie hate speech and harassment case against the ANC Youth League President. (IOL)

The Inevitable “Solution” (@15h45)
As is par for the course for Mr. Malema and his flock of blind sheep followers, if things don’t go your way, shout, scream, behave like a bunch of uncouth savages, and hurl abuse at people. That way, when someone like me suggests that your actions are pathetic and an embarrassment to the ANC and to the nation as a whole, you can call me a racist.

ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema supporters on Monday entered the courtroom which he was in and shouted at complainants.

The magistrate found the group had prima facie evidence of hate speech and harassment against Malema. Following her ruling, the court went into recess for 15 minutes while the ANC Youth League leader decided whether to testify or close his case.

During this time a dozen supporters gained access to the courtroom and began shouting abuses at the complainant and his legal team. One particularly vocal woman screamed there was nothing special about Zuma’s rape accuser and threatened the president’s name should not be mentioned in the courtroom. (EWN)

A Final Update (@01/09/09-09h09) 🙂
Addressing ANCYL members gathered yesterday at the Equality Court in Johannesburg, where he faced complaints of unfair discrimination, hate speech and harassment, Malema said: “Even if the court finds me guilty, I will not apologise. They are not going to get any apology. Sorry to who? This is nonsense. We’ll never say sorry,” Malema said. “These reactionary forces took us to court to ridicule us. We will win the case and we will fight these Mickey Mouse organisations inside and outside the court, and we must close them.” (Sowetan)

The court granted absolution to Malema on a charge of unfair discrimination but not for hate speech and harassment after his lawyer, Tumi Mokwena, had applied for full absolution. The case is set down to resume on the 21st of September.


  1. I'd like to "OFF" his "nod"

  2. Julius is a pig. He reminds me a little of his oppresors, a total disregard for what is fundamentally right and, as you mentioned, a complete disregard for anything or anyone that does not benefit his twisted self serving agenda. Not to mention the abuse of power entrusted to him by supporters who will never benefit from their loyalty. Anyway, must dash now, I'm off to the airport to go and show support to people of colour…

    • ROFLMAO @ "I’m off to the airport to go and show support to people of colour".

      Ahh, you slay me thedon! 😀

  3. "we will fight these Mickey Mouse organisations"

    isn't that a little like the pot calling the kettle a dark colour represented by the total abscence of light?

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